How to Add Microsoft Outlook Signature?

Microsoft Outlook is a component of the office suite family. The most known editions of Microsoft office are Office 97, 2000 Office XP, and Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now Microsoft office professional plus 2016. Whenever you install Microsoft office package, many features are installed in this package like word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook, publisher, access, etc. Installing Microsoft office in your Windows or MacOS will make your tasks easier. You can easily type letters or documents in Microsoft Word, do many calculations in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint helps to create business presentation and projects, Microsoft Outlook allows you to give an access of your emails online or offline. In addition, you can add Microsoft outlook signature for your business or identity. If you have not installed Microsoft Office in your PC, you may download your desired one from the links given below:

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise
Download Office Pro Plus 2010
Microsoft  Office Pro Plus 2013
Download Office Pro Plus 2016

About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most used feature, or tool of office suite. You can easily send or receive your emails by using Microsoft outlook. However, it requires internet connection to synchronize your email, contacts, notes, etc. In spite of, once synced completely, you can access them offline as well. You can easily compose an email, reply on email, forward email, and filter emails, etc. To use Microsoft Outlook, you need to configure your email one time. Know how to configure email on outlook? Even, outlook allows you to configure multiple emails on it so; you can access all of your emails from one place. You have an option to add signature on Microsoft outlook for one or multiple emails. Add Microsoft Outlook Signature Click To Tweet

add Microsoft outlook signature

Add Microsoft Outlook Signature

Follow the steps given below to add outlook signature to Microsoft outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016:

Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook, once opened, navigate to File Menu from the top left and select “Options

Step 2. The above step will bring up “Outlook Options” windows on your screen. From the left pane, navigate to “Mail” option and then, select “Signatures…” from the right side as shown on below image:

Step 3. Another screen will open named “Signatures and Stationery” on your screen.

    • Click on “E-mail Signature” tab.
    • Click “New” to create a new signature.
    • It will give you an option to “Type a name of this signature” so you can recognize, if using multiple emails. For example, I have typed “Gmail Account” and hit on “OK” button to save. Add Microsoft Outlook Signature Click To Tweet

Step 4. It will take you to the previous screen “Signatures and Stationery” and you will see the signature name “Gmail Account” in the list. Select signature name and you will see, there is a blank box below to create “New Signature” for your email.

add signature on outlook

Step 5. Go to the “Edit signature” option and design your signature, as you want. You can use edit tools like select font, font size, bold, italic, underline, use colors, signature position (left, right, center), business card, images, and hyperlinks. Once you will complete your signature, click on OK button to save the signature.

add outlook signature

Add Microsoft Outlook Signature on Microsoft Outlook 2007

Add Microsoft Outlook Signature Click To Tweet
    1. To setup or add outlook signature in outlook 2007, navigate to “Tool Menu” from the menus on the top left. Then, select “Options”.
  1. Click on “Mail Format” tab and click on “Signatures…” button. You will see “Signatures and Stationery” windows on your screen that allows you create, add, or edit signatures. Now follow Step 3, follow with to add outlook signature to Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 & 2016.

By doing the above steps, your signature have been set it up for your Microsoft outlook email. Now on whenever you will compose any email, your default signature will come up automatically that will show to email receiver. Add Microsoft Outlook Signature Click To Tweet

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