How to Download Full Version of Microsoft Office 2007?

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition

This article will tell you how to download Microsoft Office 2007 and other related information.

Microsoft Office 2007 is a software program for office suite families and developed by Microsoft. You can easily create or edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and has included several other tools.

Office 2007 is a very user friendly office application and easy to use for any age of users. In terms of compatibility, it is good for offices, homes and student users.

MS Office has eight (8) editions in total i.e. Microsoft Office Basic 2007, Enterprise 2007, Home & Student 2007, Office Standard 2007, Small Business 2007, Professional 2007, Ultimate 2007 & Professional Plus.

Go to the link below and download Microsoft office 2007 full version with the key.

download microsoft office 2007

The Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition package includes several applications, followed by Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, Office InfoPath, Office Groove, Office OneNote and Microsoft Office Communicator.

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Download Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise

The Office 2007 menu is located on the top-left of the window that contains several options like opening, saving, printing, and sharing a file etc.

The Office 2007 Enterprise has very good features with an awesome and stylish ribbon at the top of every application.

Once it is installed, you can see that most of the options are on the ribbon. No hassle in finding options. Straight away, click and initiate the command to get it done.

The following article/post and provided downloads are given for knowledge & education purpose only so, the users can download, install and understand the product and its uses.

We are here to provide you with the download link for Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition full version with Serial Key.

However, before you download and install it, check the system requirements given below. No crack or activation required for this download. Click on the given download link below:

System Requirements

Operating System Required:  Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Later, Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Later

RAM:  Minimum 256 MB, Recommended 512 MB

Disk Space:  1.5 – 2 GB

Installation Steps

  1. Download the .rar file (Click the Download button below)
  2. Extract .rar file.
  3. Run Setup.exe
  4. While in the installation process, use the Key given below:

    For 32-bit:
    For 64-bit: KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8
  5. Customize the installation, if required
  6. Click on close once the installation is finished.

Download MS Office 2007 Enterprise Edition 64-bit for free. Click the download button below and follow the procedure:

download office 2007

Get Office 2007 Enterprise Edition 32-bit for free. Click the download button below and follow the procedure:

downloadDownload Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Full Version) Click To Tweet

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177 thoughts on “How to Download Full Version of Microsoft Office 2007?

  1. Hi! a million thanks..thanks…thanks…thanks…thanks….successfully installed w/o problem. Very helpful to me during my work from home, great & AWESOME!!!

  2. hi sir can help me i cannot completely install.During installation process this message pop up” set up cannot find excel.en-us\ to valid installation source..thanks in advance

    1. Make sure file is downloaded properly. I will suggest, remove all previous installed versions in your system. Restart PC and then, try to install once again.

    1. It is only with Excel or happening with Word, PowerPoint and other office 2007 applications? This error is related to system permissions. I would recommend you to repair or reinstall Office 2007.

  3. Dear Sandeep Ji, Need one help I have MS Office 2007, When I am doing right click on mouse to get new word/excel.. file I am not getting excel and power point file. Pls. help how it can be made available

    1. If MS Office is properly installed in your system, it should work for sure. Try this, Open Run dialog box (Win + R) and type winword for MS Word, excel for MS Excel and hit OK. It supposed to open.

      1. Dear Sandeep Ji, Actually I could not articulate my query. I will try again. Whenever we need to open any new file of word, excel or power point, normally we keep mouse on desktop and then do right click of mouse then it opens one window on right hand side which have word, excel power point etc as dropped list then we can easily tick on file ( word, excel, power point) whichever is required and can open new file. In current scene, while doing so I am getting word file but not getting excel / power point. Hope, this time i could explain you. regards Rajesh Dhyani

          1. Dear Sandeep Ji. I tried but could not result. I have one doubt I have MS Office 2007.Just wanted to check whether it will also have same path of pptx not ppt.

            Best regards,
            Rajesh Dhyani

            1. It is PPTX. PPT is the default format used with Office 97-2003. If still your issue wasn’t fixed then, the best way to resolve is to Repair Office 2007 application from control panel -> add or remove program. Repairing the application will make all the settings to default.

  4. I have/had a legal copy until a crash. Well, it was gone after trying to reset and having to reinstall because reset/recover was not working. Microsoft, as in all things, makes things SO EFFING DIFFICULT and provides ZERO service to their customers that I had to look for an old copy accross the web. Thank you for it.

    1. Your Welcome.:-) As you said, you had a legal copy, If you bought it online then you can locate it on Microsoft account or you must have received an email regarding. Check your email and search for it, i am sure you will get it

  5. Wow! thank you very much SANDEEP. I really appreciates your work, I suffered a lot looking for MS office enterprises 2007 but now everything has come to an end. Thank you very, very much my mentor.

  6. wow! thank you very much SANDEEP, I really appreciate your work. You wiped away all my tears I suffered a lot looking for MS office Enterprise 2007, now everything has come to an end. Thank you very, very much.

  7. Hey, thanks for the upload !
    I just have one small problem : I cannot change the display language… I don’t really mind myself, as I can understand English perfectly, but it’s for my mother and I’m afraid she’ll need her native language (French) to understand the running program.
    I tried to change the settings, but it doesn’t work… any idea ?

  8. Thank you for making this available to us Mr. Rawat. I used to have MS Office 2007 but lost it’s key and cd. At the Microsoft store when searching for MS Office 2007, it states “Office 2007 is now retired – SEE PLANS AND PRICING FOR OFFICE 365.” No thanks Microsoft.

  9. First up, thanks for a great website – and of course Office Enterprise.
    I have run into a small problem though.
    Download all OK, unzipped and starts the install as it should.
    About half way through the installer is looking for “” and cant find it.
    Everything stops at that point.
    I have set the installer NOT to install “Publisher” but [surprisingly] I still cant complete the install.
    Googling I found lots and lots of people have the same issue.
    Can you offer any advice please ? Thanks.

    1. Hey Mike…Either the download was not successfully completed or the .RAR file not extracted completely. This could be the reason that installation shows “” is missing
      Extract it once again or download it once again. It supposed to be working for your too.

    2. Thanks Sandeep,
      I have already done another download so I will try to extract and install again today.
      I used WinRar last time so I suppose that is Ok – I have read others prefer to use WinRar but via the Command Line.
      Interestingly I have also read that others have had problems with not finding the .cab files for the Excel and other components of Office also.
      I will post again later today.

        1. All now good Sandeep,
          I think the problem was that I stuffed up when using WinZip to unpack the RAR he RAR file.
          Anyway its all installed now – thanks.
          Keep up the good work,

  10. Dear mr rawat,
    I downloaded office 2007 but only a part file appears on the desktop. It appears that some portion of the office 2007 program may be downloaded elsewhere, may be the hard drive. Earlier I had uninstalled the original windows 2007 set up from the C drive , since despite the correct original code it was no longer being validated by Microsoft as support for office 2007 is stopped. The Kaspersky software stops the program from Dr file from being downloaded. What shall I do?

    1. You may disable Kaspersky antivirus for a while and download Office 2007 once again. Then, uninstall any previous office, if installed. Restart computer. Now, install it once again. I am sure, it will work for you as well.

      1. Tried to save file ( enterprise 2007 ) to USB drive for later installation did not work. Any suggestions ?

        1. It will work for sure. Make sure folder extracted properly and all files should be copied. If a single file is missing while copying to USB drive then, the installation don’t work.

  11. When I run the set up file it’s ok . Then I put the product key . Then the continue button disable .
    After that it continue without product key .
    Installation is cmplt .
    Then I go to ms word . Then setting – active .
    Put the product key .
    Same problem .
    The pop up show – we don’t recommend product key ..
    Why ? Plz explain !!!!

    1. The product is given in the same post under installation steps. Use that key only to continue the installation. As you already installed it, you may uninstall office 2007 and restart PC. Then, install once again by following the procedure

    It works. thanks very much for your effort to deserve people for your software. U done really good job

    1. Need to Disable Protected View options. Try below steps:

      1) Open PowerPoint > File > Options > Trust Center.
      2) Trust Center Settings > Protected View > uncheck Enable Protected View for the files originating from the Internet, Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations and Enable Protected View for Outlook attachments > OK and verify whether issue re-occurs

  13. i have checked various sites to get a full version setup with valid full version key. and now that i have found this i have put this on download, lets hope this works for me. will get back to u soon….

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