Hide Folders – Hide, Lock or Password Protect Your Files and Folders in Windows

Hide Folders Software

Hide Folders, is a Windows software application that allows you to hide, lock and password protect your folders. It makes your selected folders private and cannot be seen by anyone else until you enable those folders.

In other words, the protected folders are not accessible by other users until you allow them.

It effectively protects your data by hiding or locking the folders. Now days security of our files and folders is very important.

Lock, Secrete or Password Protect Your Files and Folders

It is impossible to find them once your selected folders are hidden by using this application. It doesn’t matter whether this application is running or not because hide folder always works in the stealth mode.

Even, if someone tries to delete or remove parent folder, which is visible to others, it can protect your hidden folders to being erased.

This software is easy to use and comes with smooth graphical user interface.

Features & Advantages

By using this software:

  1. Hide, lock and password protect your folders
  2. There is no limit of folder size
  3. You can protect this software by using a unique password
  4. If software protected with a password then, it cannot be uninstalled without the password
  5. Hot keys to manage application functions
  6. Once command given, immediate folder protection started
  7. By using this utility, all of your selected folders are protected even Windows is in safe mode
  8. Change application skin as per your windows theme
  9. Quick and easy to use by doing few clicks
  10. Folder drag and drop will work

System Requirements

However, it is a very light software and take a very less space in your installation directory after installation.

Before you install, make sure your computer meets system requirements below:

  1. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.
  2. Compatible with x32 bit & x64 bit OS
  3. Minimum 256 MB RAM required
  4. Occupy very less space in your Hard Drive Hide, Lock & Password Protect Your Important Files & Folders Click To Tweet

The following article/post and provided download is given for knowledge & educational purpose only so, the users can download, install and understand the product and its use.

Finally, to download registered version of Hide Folders 2012 v4.3.7, click on below download button.

Once download completed, extract the .rar file and follow the instructions given in a text document.


hide foldersProtect Your Files and Folders by Using Hide Folders Application Click To Tweet

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