Download Full Version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

MS Office Professional Plus 2010

Microsoft office professional plus 2010 is also a well-known office suite application for creating and editing documents. Also very beneficial for businesses and individual users. Office Professional 2010 was released in July 2010 and its Service Pack 1 support ended in October 2014 by Microsoft. Are you still looking to download office professional plus 2010?

It includes all the applications always found in its series, i.e. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Publisher, and MS OneNote, etc. The file formats available to use in this version are DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX and, you can use different formats like PDF, ODT, ODP or ODS. You can easily create and edit documents on MS word, can do calculations and formatting in MS Excel, create and manage a database in MS Access, create and edit office and school presentations in MS PowerPoint. Configure, manage, send or receive email and access them online of office in MS Outlook. Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Click To Tweet

Download Office Professional Plus 2010

It is good to use Office 2010 Professional plus. It contains lots more features in comparison of MS Office 2007 version. However, it looks similar to Office 2007, as you may found ribbon at the top of Office 2010 applications, was introduced in the Office 2007 version. The following article/post and provided download is given for knowledge & education purpose only so, the users can download, install and understand the product and it’s uses.

Before you download and start installing Office Professional Plus 2010 on your Windows computer, need to check the System Requirements below:

System Requirements

  1. Required 1 Gigahertz (GHz) Processor
  2. 512 MB RAM recommended to run full features
  3. Operating System supports Windows Vista SP 1 and later
  4. Supports both 32-bit or 64-bit with Vista and later
  5. Around 3.5 GB free disk space required

During the installation process, use following trial key:


To download Office Professional Plus 2010 full version, click below download button:

office 2010

To download Microsoft Office 2010 Toolkit for activation, click below download button:


download office professional plus 2010

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71 thoughts on “Download Full Version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

  1. hi i need help, its showing error in the temp file in the setup 1418, ITS REGARDING ACTIVATION KEY i guess. how to proceed. can u help??

      1. It might detecting any previous version of Office. I recommend you to uninstall any previous version installed then, restart your PC once. Install it once again and follow the installation & activation process, it will work for sure.

  2. I get this message after click EZ-Activator:
    Cannot use EZ-Activator because your licensing details are corrupt

    1. This happens due to corrupted license of your earlier installed version. Follow below fix:
      1. Open Office 2010 toolkit
      2. Go to “License Files” tab and click on “Repair” button. Process will start and will take few minutes and reinstall new license. Wait until process completed
      3. Then, get back to “Main” tab and click on EZ-Activator and wait for process completion
      4. Your office will be activated for sure

  3. Hi, I have a message “The Software Licensing Service reported that the requested plug-in cannot be found.” during activation. What should I do in this case?
    Greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 1. Open Office 2010 Toolkit
      2. On “Main” tab, click “EZ-Activator”
      3. Once the above process done, go to “Activation” tab and click “Install” under AutoKMS
      4. Will work for you too

  4. hello the product key on the post is not working. I have tested it many times. checked spacing everything word for word character words and letters but still invalid. please help

  5. The file does download, but as soon as itry to open it, it automatically gets removed from the system. I am not sure whats happening, but i tried various time to open it, but it vanishes. Is there any other way to install the toolkit. Thanks

    1. Any crack, toolkit or third-party activation is treated as a virus/junk by system or security. Thus, your antivirus is also finding it as a virus. You need to allow it from your antivirus then, it will work. This is the only way

  6. Dear Sir. I have spent nine hours trying to activate my MSOffice 2010. Tried it all and failed so many times but you Sir are the Man! Those lovely shiny green text letters announcing ‘activated successfully’ made my day and I cannot thank you enough. I salute you for your ingenuity and knowledge and may you live to a ripe old age.Kind regards. Bob

  7. Hi, i have deactivated my antivirus, still unable to dowload activation toolkit. can you please help

  8. hello, I m in a serious need of an activation key.
    the posted above does not work for me…#any assistance plz!!

    1. Yeehh this is usual, as we are using the crack method to activate Office 2010 so not only McAfee even, other installed securities also any crack as virus. Don’t worry, you may continue. This won’t harm your PC.

    1. Can’t provide you the key, instead, if you have downloaded the file from this post that includes activator in order to activate. Read the instruction and activate it easily.

    1. Sorry if i didn’t get you correctly. Are you looking for Windows Activator or Office 2010 Activator? because the comment you have post is on Office 2010 article. Please let me know which activator you are looking?

      1. ok but it says now setup cannot find office.en-us/OfficeMUISET.msi.Browse to a vaild installation source,and then click ok what i do ??

        1. Make sure you should not have installed any previous version. If any, please remove it first and restart your PC once. Then, follow given instructions on text notepad from the downloaded Office. It will work for sure

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