Restore Missing Intel Graphics Settings Option from the Right Click Context Menu in Windows 10

For the past few weeks, I noticed that somehow, I lost Intel graphics settings option from the right click context menu from Windows 10 desktop screen due to I can’t access graphic settings. You might have faced the same issue that is why you have reached in this article. You do not need to worry about this because by this end of this article, you can restore missing Intel graphics settings option of your Windows 10.

missing intel graphics settings

In certain point of time you may require to access your system graphic settings and do not find it to your right click context menu. This happens due to new Windows 10 update version 1809 because Microsoft has changed the driver’s architecture. According to Microsoft, now a new driver package is applicable which allows to run a single driver across the different devices such as desktop, laptops, tablets and supported devices.

Restore Missing Intel Graphics Settings Option

If your system meets Intel and Microsoft conditions and still you don’t have an option of Intel graphics setting on your right click menu, then, most probably, one of the reasons is missing registry values.

Hence, follow the steps given below to add or restore Intel graphics settings back to the right click context menu by using a registry key:

Registry keys are very sensitive, so before we make any changes or addition, it is always recommended to backup your Windows registry.

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For your convenience, first of all, download below registry key by using below download button and move download file to your desktop simply by doing a copy and paste.

  1. Right-click on the downloaded file and select Extract Here. This action will create a folder with the same name.
  2. Double click and open the folder. Right-click on ‘Add_Intel_Graphics_desktop_context_menu.reg’ and select Merge. You may get prompted for authentication. Click Yes to continue
  3. Lastly, you are notified that the following key is successfully added to the registry. Just need to click OK to close the message box.

missing intel graphics settings

Now close everything and right click on your desktop screen. I am pretty sure you must have an option of Intel graphics settings to your context menu. This method worked for us and hopefully work for you as well.

Alternate Methods to Access Intel Graphics® Settings Option

However, above method works for sure, but still, if this doesn’t work for you due to some reason. Then, you should follow alternate methods to access the same:

Method 1: From Windows Control Panel

  • Press Win + R to open Run dialog box
  • Type control and hit OK
  • Locate and click Intel Graphics Settings

intel graphics settings download

Method 2: By using Hot Key

If your system hardware supports then by using the below keyboard hotkeys Intel graphics settings option will come up directly on your screen.

Ctrl + Alt + F12

intel hd graphics control panel disappeared from context menu

Important Note: Intel Graphics Settings option is no longer available when using Windows (Declarative Componentized Hardware) DCH Graphics drivers. Check more information.

Hopefully, this article fulfilled what you are looking for. Comment below for any query.

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