Download Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 Full Version

Download Office Professional Plus 2016

Looking to download office professional plus 2016?

Microsoft Office, also known as MS Office or office suite. The popular editions are Office 97, 2000 Office XP, and Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now Microsoft office professional plus 2016, 2019 and Office 365.

Microsoft Office comes with many different kinds of software. The major software’s includes in every edition of Microsoft versions are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

By using office professional plus 2016, you can create, edit, view document files.

If you want to write a letter, MS word is the best option.

For client database, formulas, calculations, etc., start using MS Excel.

To create business brochure, Microsoft Publisher can help you.

Create, collaborate and effectively present your ideas by using PowerPoint.

You can easily manage your email, calendar, contacts and tasks; configure your emails on MS Outlook.

Free MS Office Pro Plus 2016

Office Professional Plus 2016 contains a number of software’s in it.

It has Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016, Outlook 2016, Publisher 2016, OneNote 2016 and Access 2016. It is suitable version for students, home and small business users.

The following article/post and provided download is given for knowledge & education purpose only so, the users can download, install and understand the product and it’s uses.

Requirements to Install MS Office 2016

  1. Required 1 GHz processor or faster processor
  2. Compatible with Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 and 10 and Windows Server 2008 or later
  3. Required RAM 1 GB – 2 GB
  4. Need at least 3 GB free disk space
  5. Required DirectX 10 graphics card

If you have been looking for Office Professional Plus 2016 for your Windows computer, so you reached at right place.

Hereby providing you the full download of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 for 64-bit and 32-bit OS with KMS Activator. Use activator to make it a full version.

Get the download link below. Click and download. Extract .rar file and follow the instruction given inside in a text file.

For 64-bit OS

download Office Pro 2016



For 32-bit OS



download office professional plus 2016

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67 thoughts on “Download Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 Full Version

  1. Hello there I want to download this version of Office in 64 bit but when i press the download button it says:
    Dear User,

    Due to Claim of Alleged Infringement, we are unable to share link here publicly.

    Hence, please email us at and will share you the download link instantly.

    Support Team
    why is it so?
    if possible, then please send me link on

  2. Amazing!, incredible!, i was looking for this on several sites but none worked on my win7 laptop. I just ran setup and it installed office without issues. I didn’t even had to run the KMS it did all by itself. Thanks!!!!!

  3. Thank you for providing these download links.
    Office 2016 link indicates it is ‘Office Professional Plus’ but a folder in file extracted from downloaded RAR file says just ‘Office 2016’. Can you please provide the correct version I have downloaded.

      1. Many thanks.
        This is one of the very few sites which provide download links for MS Office ‘rar’ version.

  4. I am getting this message below once i try to activate office16.How do i now get word,excel and others working

    ===== Host: == Auto Host == Port: 1688 =====
    Hello Paphanih. Program is ready to work.
    === Your system is activated . ===
    Run-Time Error with exception code 0x80041002

    1. Restart your computer.
      Then, open any office program (word, excel, etc.) and check if it’s activated or not. If not, then, run the KMS with administrator. Will work for sure.

  5. Hi sir already installed mine, however I cannot use the KMS Activator. Can you please lend me a activator please? Thank you.

  6. Sir why is it asking for key before running the setup? I have downloaded 64 bit Office 16. Kindly suggest me.

    1. Follow Steps:
      1. Open any Office program, click File > Options > Language.
      2. Under Choose Editing Languages, make sure the language you want to use is added to the list.
      3. Under Choose Display and Help languages, change the default display and help languages for all Office apps.

  7. Hi, I have followed your instructions to install and start, but in Word there is no prompt to start and the file is empty. You can teach me how to do it.

      1. I can’t active the office pro plus 2016.and the kms activator folder is empty. Please help (i download the 64-bit)
        PS# I had turn off firewall and antivirus

    1. It is not empty. The moment you have extracted, it got removed by your antivirus. You must need to disable your antivirus for a while and after office activation you can enable it back.

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