Useful and Important Run Commands for Windows PC

Run Commands for Windows

This article will help you with useful and important run commands for Windows that you can use for an ease access to open respective task.

If you are using a Windows computer, you must have heard or familiar to “Run Commands”.

Windows run commands are very helpful and can be used to open Windows application, settings or document whose path is known by Windows.

There are a huge number of run commands developed by Microsoft for Windows operating system.

Note: In case, you don’t know how to open run command dialog box.

Press Win + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box then, type any of the below run commands to access the respective tool.

Windows Useful Run Commands

calc : By using this command, you can open the built-in Windows Calculator App.

calc run commandscmd : With this command, you can quickly open the command prompt without administrator privileges.

system run commandsdxdiag : DirectX Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostics tool that used to test DirectX functionality and troubleshoot video or sound related hardware problems.

run commandsgpedit.msc : Group Policy Editor in Windows, allows you to set and edit different Windows policies of a local or remote computer.

ncpa.cpl : To access all your Network Adapters (wireless, local area network, Bluetooth, etc), you can use this on Run command.

windows run commandsperfmon.msc : You can access the Performance Monitor using this command on run command.

powercfg.cpl : You can access all the Power Options by using this command. Also, can edit the power plan settings according to your use of computer.

run commands for windows pcappwiz.cpl : Quickly access the Programs and Features window where you can quickly uninstall your installed programs.

devmgmt.msc : Windows Device Manager is where you can manage all your hardware devices.

regedit : This command will be used to access the Windows Registry which is a hierarchical database that hosts all the configurations and settings of an operating system and the installed programs.

useful run commandsmsconfig : Windows System Configuration is where you can edit different things like the boot options, startup options, services, etc.

sysdm.cpl : If you ever want to access the System Properties window.

services.msc : Quickly open Windows service control manager.

taskmgr.exe : It will open Windows Task Manager for you and displays information about the processes and programs running in your system.

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run commands for windows 10dfrgui : Disk Defragmenter is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations.

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