Disable Quick Access from Windows 10 File Explorer

Disable Quick Access in Windows 10

Windows 10 users, you may have noticed, in the left pane of Windows 10 file explorer, there is a quick access menu where you can see most frequently accessed files and folders. But most of the users really don’t like the quick access expansion menu and want to disable quick access or hide it.

May be, many of you aware about how to turn off quick access. But, this tutorial is specially for the users who are not aware about that how to turn off quick access from Windows 10 file explorer.

For your information, Windows 10 is introduced and developed by Microsoft. It comes with many features that will make user task easier and provide you a better experience while using Windows 10.

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Remove Quick Access from Windows File Explorer

Follow the steps given to d quick access in Windows 10 file explorer.

Firstly, open Windows file explorer by using keyboard shortcut Win + E or click on This PC icon at your Desktop screen.

Step 1. Right click on Quick Access and select Options.

Step 2. A new “Folder Option or File Explorer Options” windows will appear at your screen. Under General Tab select drop down of Open File Explorer to and select This PC.

disable quick access windows 10In this way, once you save settings by clicking on Apply & OK, next time your Windows Explorer will open with This PC as shown in below image:

Follow the steps given below If you want to clear the Quick Access History or want to disable recent used files in Quick Access.

1. To clear the Quick Access History; click on Clear button and then click on Apply button. It will clear the history of all opened programs under Quick Access History

2. To Disable recent used files in Quick Access: uncheck the button “show recently used files in Quick Access” and then click on Apply & OK button. It will not create any new history under Quick Access.

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This way, you will prevent Windows 10 from displaying recently & frequently used files and folders in Quick Access. Doing this, it will also maintain your privacy as well.

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