Computer Related Full Forms – Part 1

Computer Related Full Forms

In this post, know the important full forms of computer related terms.

In this era, we use computers and the internet for our needs in our daily life. Now even, it is very hard to complete our daily tasks without a computer and internet. Most importantly, if we are running a business.

While using computers, we use many short names that belong to computers and their technology and many of us do not know even the full form of these computer related terms.

We do hesitate to ask someone what this short name stands for. There is no age of learning.

Hence, we have created this article for you, so you can learn and know the important abbreviation forms related to computer terms that you use in your daily life.

computer related full forms

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Important Full Forms of Computer Terms

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Here is an important list of computer-related terms with their full forms which we use in our day to day life:

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
BIOS   Basic Input Output System
CD   Compact Disk
CDR   Compact Disk Recorder
DVD   Digital Versatile Disc
CMOS   Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CPU   Central Processing Unit
DDR   Double Data Rate
HDD Hard Disk Drive
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
LAN   Local Area Network
NIC   Network Interface Card
RAM Random Access Memory
ROM   Read Only Memory
USB   Universal Serial Bus
VPN   Virtual Private Network
WAN   Wide Area Network
RPM   Revolutions Per Minute
PCI   Peripheral Component Interconnect
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer
NAT   Network Address Translation
CDROM   Compact Disk Read Only Memory
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS   Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
IP   Internet Protocol
URL   Uniform Resource Locator
VIRUS   Vital Information Resource Under Seized
HTML   Hyper Text Markup Language
PDF   Portable Document Format
UPS   Uninterruptible Power Supply
TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network

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