How to Fix or Restore Missing “New” Option from the Right-click Context Menu?

Restore Missing New Option

Many users complain about, that they lost “New” option from the right-click context menu. But very few of them know the reason behind this problem and looking for the solution to fix or restore missing new option from the right-click context menu in Windows.

Have you ever get into the problem wherein you right-click on desktop screen or Windows Explorer and cannot see “New” option with its subcategories on the right-click menu like; Folder, Shortcut, Contact, Text Documents, etc.

This can happen with any of the operating system like Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Even you won’t see the New option in the Windows Explorer as well once you do a right-click.

restore missing new option

How to Fix Missing New Option in Right-click Menu?

This happens majorly due to damaged, missing or corrupted registry entry or may be modified by someone or changed by any infected software.

Registry value could be blank or changed in this situation. So the solution is to make the registry value to default.

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The following article will fix “New” option missing trouble in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Follow the steps given below to resolve this problem:

Step 1. Press Win + R to open Run dialog box and type, regedit.

Then, click OK.

run command for registry editor

Step 2. The Windows Registry Editor will open on your screen where we need to do the main task.

restore missing new option windows

Step 3. Now, locate or navigate to the below registry path by expanding and reach to New


Step 4. Select the New and look it to right-side, the Data value is set as blank that means value is missing from there. There should be some value in it.

Step 5. Right-click on the (Default) key and select Modify…

restore missing new option from right click

Step 6. The Edit String box will come over to your screen with blank value data that allows you to type in.

Type the value given below or copy paste the value given below:


Once value entered correctly, then, click OK to close Edit String box.

Once done with the above steps. Just close the Registry Editor. Also, restart of computer doesn’t require.

The settings made above will take immediate effect on Windows and will show you the “New” option with all subcategories.

If you still don’t see “New” option to the right-click context menu, just restart your computer once. Sometimes, few Windows updates are pending that required to restart.

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