How to Mirror or Cast Android Phone to Windows 10?

Cast Android Phone or Mirror Android Screen

Windows 10 has so many new features on it that users are not aware about them. One of them is to cast or mirror your smartphone screen (Android & iPhone) to a Windows 10 computer. Now, it is easy to cast android phone to your Windows 10 PC by using Miracast receiver after Anniversary Update has released.

Requirements To Cast Android Screen

  • The computer needs to support receiving Miracast under “Projecting to this PC
  • Both devices (Computer and Smartphone) need to be connected on the same Wireless Network.
  • OS Required: Windows 10.
  • Android 4.4.2 or higher

Steps To Mirror or Cast Android to Windows 10

We need to work in two phases. First, Make settings on the Computer, Second, Use Airplay Settings on Android phone.

First: Settings on Windows PC to receive Smartphone Screen

Step 1. Open Windows Settings. Press “Win + I” to open Windows Settings and click on “System”.

windows settingsStep 2. In the left pane, click on “Project to this PC” and go to the right side, under “Windows PCs and phones can project to this PC when you say it’s OK”, by default, it’s set as “Always off”.

project to this pc

Step 3. Now, there is a drop-down, click and select “Available everywhere

cast android screen to pcBy doing above settings, we are set to receive projection from your Android. Now we need to step ahead to the second part and that is your phone. Now depends, are using Android phone? Or using iPhone (iOS)?

Initiate Cast Android Phone Screen

Step 1. On your Android screen, tap on the “Settings” icon to get in.

Step 2. Under Settings, locate “Display” and click on it to open.

mirror android to pcStep 3. Once you get into the Display settings, scroll down and select “Cast Screen” option.

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Step 4. Under cast screen, there is a radio button to turn on the cast screen. Slide that radio button to right in order to turn on the cast screen option. Make sure super cast is also checked.

cast screen

Step 5. At the movement you will turn on the cast screen option, the device will start looking for the airplay devices into the same network. Then, it will show you the result with the found device as mine.

Tap on the found device and will send an authentication to your computer in order to allow to project in this PC. Click yes, to continue and it will broadcast your android screen to your computer laptop.

cast android screen to laptop

Step 6. It will cast your screen to your computer screen. So now, whatever you do on Android phone, you can see it on the computer as well. You can access your phone, play games, watch YouTube songs/movies or can do anything and cast mirror will display everything to your Windows PC.

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