How to Cast iPhone or iPad Screen to the Windows PC?

How to Cast an iPhone or iPad to Windows Screen?

Being an iPhone and iPad users, you must know that by using Airplay option on iDevice, you can easily mirror your iPhone or iPad (iDevice) to your Windows 10.

Windows 10 has so many new features on it that users are not aware about them. One of them is to cast or mirror your smartphone screen (Android & iPhone) to a Windows 10 computer.

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There is several third-party software available on the web that you can download and install to your Windows PC to make your computer Airplay receiver.

My recommendation is to install full version of the Airplay receiver software instead of using a trial version.

Trials are for limited days or time, after trial expires then, it stops working.

Popular Airplay receiver software is Lonely Screen and X-Mirage.

Requirements to Cast or Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen

  • Both devices (Computer and Smartphone) need to be connected to the same Wireless Network.
  • Download “X-Mirage” for PC to cast iPhone/iPad on Windows PC, Available Here
  • OS Required: Windows 7, 8.1 0r 10
  • iOS 10 or later required for iPhone and iPad.

Mirror iPhone or iPad on Windows 10

Step 1. Firstly, Download and install X-Mirage software in your Windows.

It will turn your Windows PC to an Airplay receiver automatically.


Note: It’s mandate, make sure your Windows PC and iPhone should be connected to a same wireless network.

Step 2. On your iPhone, we need to open Control Center.

To open iPhone control center, from the home button you need to swipe to up side and Tap on Screen Mirroring.

mirror iphone

Step 3. It will start looking for Airplay device (Your Windows PC).

Once found, Tap on it to connect. Once connected, you will see a check mark to it.

Airplay connected

That’s all! Once connected, you can see the mirroring screen on your Windows PC.

Whatsoever you will access to your iPhone, can see the same screen to your Windows PC.

Now you can watch iDevice settings, play games, watch videos/movies, etc on Windows pc.

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