Make Your Pen Drive Password Protected

Why Password Protection is Important?

Privacy is important for everyone now a days. You may have your confidential data, documents, etc in your computer, pen drives (flash drive) or portable hard drives. Therefore, everyone wants to keep their data protected. Many times we have seen, if someone comes to you and wants to use your computer or laptop in which you cannot deny. While accessing your computer by someone, you are afraid; they may access your confidential data. Same way, if you have a pen drive with confidential data in it then, what you do to protect? Do you know that you can password protect USB pen drive?

Suppose if you have a pen drive with confidential data of yours and you need to send somewhere else but you are afraid that your data may be accessed or stolen. So how you can prevent your data stored in a pen drive (flash drive)? or do you know how to password protect USB pen drive (flash drive)?

If you are using a Windows 10 PC, you have an option to create a password for your pen drive. But the question is how? Follow the steps given below to create a password protected pen drive with the help or Windows 10 built-in feature called BitLocker:

Password Protect USB Pen Drive

Step 1. Insert or plug your pen drive to your Windows 10 PC. Once detected, open Windows Explorer by clicking on This PC or using the key combination Win + E. Protect your USB Pen Drive with a Password Click To Tweet

Step 2. Locate your pen drive and right-click on it. Then select the option “Turn on BitLocker” from the context menu.

protect usb pen drive with bitlocker

Step 3. BitLocker Drive Encryption window will come to your screen. Check the box “Use a password to unlock the drive”. Then enter your desired password and then reenter to confirm. (Note: Password should contain upper case and lower case letters, number, spaces and symbols). Then click Next button.

password protect USB pen drive

Step 4. On the next screen, you will be prompted to back up your recovery key (in case you forget your password). Choose an option from the list and then click on Next button.

pen drive password protection software

Step 5. Now in this screen, do not change anything. Just need to click on Next button.

Step 6. Again, in this screen, just click on Next button without changing any option.

pen drive password

Step 7. Finally, you will see the last screen where you need to click on “Start encrypting” button to start encryption on your Pen Drive.

password protected pen drive

Step 8. It has started the encryption on your Pen Drive. Once completed to 100%, and then just need to click on the Close button.

lock pen drive with password

Now onward, once you plug this Pen Drive to any computer. It will ask for a password to unlock your Pen Drive. Until you will not enter the correct password, it won’t open and data can’t be accessed.

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