Make your Favorite Browser as Default in Windows

Make Favorite Browser Default

In a computer language, a web browser, also known as internet browser is a software program that you can use to get into the internet. If you using internet on your desktop or laptop, you must be using browsers to surf the internet, check your email and so many various tasks. Microsoft provides built-in browser in its Windows called Internet Explorer in earlier version of Windows and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. There are so many other browsers are also available (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari for Windows, etc) which users install and use as per there convenient. One of them could be your favorite browser that you use always and feel comfortable and convenient to use. But do you know, how to make favorite browser default or setting to make you favorite browser default?

This article will tell you the step by step guide to make favorite browser default if you are using internet explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in your computer. Check out the steps given below:

Change Favorite Browser Default to Chrome

If you want to make Google Chrome as your default browser in Windows. Note: Make sure that Chrome browser is up-to-date. The following steps are done in Chrome version 71.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome then, click on Chrome Menu button and navigate to Settings from the given option in the list. Click the top-left menu (Settings); and select “Default browser” option and it will jump to the default browser settings.

default browser settings in chrome

Step 2. Under default browser settings, click on “Make default” button and it will open Windows default app settings for you.

set your favorite browser default

Step 3. Now scroll down and go to “Web Browser“. For example; as mine default Firefox set to default. To change this to Chrome, click on Firefox icon and you will get an option to “choose an app“. From given browser’s list click on Google Chrome to make your default browser and Windows will set it for you.

make favorite browser default in Windows

Change Favorite Browser Default to Firefox

If you have more than one web browser, your computer needs to know which browser to use by default. Below Steps will show you, how to set Mozilla Firefox as your favorite browser default. The following steps are done on Firefox version 64.02. Make sure your Firefox is up-to-date.

Open Mozilla Firefox and Click Menu on the top-right corner on Firefox browser. Now, click “Options. Click on the General Tab, and then, click the “Make Default” button as shown in below image. This action will open Windows default app setting in front of you. Finally, follow steps 4 above.

Alternatively, in Windows 10, Microsoft makes this task so easy with Windows settings. Want to know how? Okay… follow below given steps:

Press “Win + I” from your keyboard and Windows 10 settings page will come up on your screen. Navigate to Apps -> Default apps -> Web browser. Now you know what to do….

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