9 Amazing Hidden Google Chrome Tricks & Secrets

About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best-known web browser worldwide developed by Google and measured as a fastest & secure web browser. Chrome is compatible with all versions of Windows and very user friendly & easy to use for all computer users. There are so many hidden google chrome tricks, which users never know about.

Hidden Google Chrome Tricks

Hereby, this article shows you the cool tricks that you can use on installed Google Chrome on Windows PC. List and description of 9 hidden google chrome tricks below:

Trick 1 – Re-open Accidentally Closed Tab

If you are working in a Chrome browser, by mistaken or accidentally you have closed the tab that is important for you. So what to do?

Right-click on the Tab bar and select Reopen closed tab or use keyboard keys Ctrl + Shift + T

hidden google chrome

Trick 2 – Calculator on Google Chrome

Chrome has an amazing feature that includes Calculator on it. To use the Calculator on Chrome, open new Tab and start calculation on the Chrome Address Bar. It will show you the result. Check below image:

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Trick 3 – Enjoy Videos/Movies on Chrome

You will be surprised to hear this that Google Chrome is a very good Media Player. Just you need to Drag and drop your video/movie to Google Chrome. You can do a full screen as per your convenience.

play videos on chrome

Trick 4 – Browse in Private with Chrome

Google Chrome also includes an Incognito mode. If you want to browse something privately then, using incognito mode can skip browsing history, cookies, etc. To open Incognito Mode (Private Browsing) in Google Chrome:

Go to the Chrome Menu option and select “New incognito window” or use keyboard keys Ctrl + Shift + N

private browsing in chrome

Trick 5 – Compose an Email From Chrome Address Bar

Google Chrome also allows users to compose an email directly from the chrome address bar. Just you need to open New Tab and type “mailto:xyz@gmail.com” (xyz@gmail.com taken as an example here) then hit enter button and it will directly open in the compose box in your default mail App like: MS outlook, Windows live mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Trick 6 – Create Desktop Shortcuts of Your Favorite Websites/Web page

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Creating a desktop shortcut, is a unique feature on Google Chrome. While reading any e-book, website or any important web-page, you may find some interesting topic that you want to save. You can easily create a desktop shortcut of your favorite website/web-page.

To create a Chrome website/web page shortcut, click on “Chrome Menu”, go to “More Tools”, and select “Add to desktop…”

The above process will create a shortcut to your desktop. Whenever you need, you can just double click on the shortcut and chrome will open it for you.

chrome desktop shortcut

Trick 7 – Chrome Task Manager

Do you know that Google Chrome has its own built-in Task Manager?

Sometimes Chrome starts misbehaving due to unknown tab open on it or may be one of them tab is the culprit that forced you to shut down your entire Chrome browser. The best part is to close that particular tab/web page on Chrome. Use key combination of Shift + Esc, to open Google Chrome Task Manager and close a particular tab that creating a problem.

hidden google chrome tricks

Trick 8 – Quickly Navigate Between Chrome Tabs

Though, there is a long list of hidden google chrome tricks, but this one of them. If you have opened several tabs on the Google Chrome and it has hard to find which you want to see. The best option is to navigate between chrome tabs by using the key combination. For example, Press Ctrl + 1 to go to First Tab, Press Ctrl + 2 to go to Second Tab and the same goes to Ctrl + 9. That means you can navigate between 9 different tabs. If you have more than 9 tabs than Ctrl + 9 will take you to the last tab.

Alternatively, use Ctrl + Tab to move to the next tab to the right and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move to the next tab to the left. Google Chrome Tricks & Secrets Click To Tweet

Trick 9 – Important Keyboard Commands For Google Chrome

To Open New Page on Chrome         Ctrl + N

To Open New Tab on Chrome          Ctrl + T

To Bring up Chrome Downloads       Ctrl + J

To Quit Chrome completely          Ctrl + Shift + Q

To Open the Chrome Menu            Alt + F or Alt + E

To Open Chrome History Page        Ctrl + H

To Print Current Page on Chrome    Ctrl + P


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