How to Reset Google Chrome Browser To Default Settings?

Google Chrome

If you are a computer user and surfing in the internet then, you must that Google Chrome is a web-browser. It is freeware browser and easily available to downlaod, developed by Google and compatible with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Sometimes, due to certain causes, we get some issues on google chrome and it won’t respond or function properly. In this situation, users preferred to reset google chrome. But remember, doing a reset of google chrome can subject to loss of your favorites, bookmarks or any settings made in your chrome. Don’t forget to backup Google Chrome Bookmarks/favorites.

Is your Google Chrome running slow and Freezing up? Do you want to make Google Chrome Settings as default? Do you want to reset Google Chrome? If your Google Chrome isn’t functioning properly, or performance is not good. Then, resetting your chrome browser settings as default will resolve your issues.

NOTE: Steps given in this post will work with Google Chrome version 58.0.3029 or below.

Reset Google Chrome

Hereby, in this article i will show you how to reset Google Chrome settings as default, follow the steps below:

Step 1. First, open Google Chrome browser. Click the menu button (three horizontal lines at top right in browser) and it will expand more options for you then, select “Settings”.

Step 2. Scroll down the page and select “Show advanced settings”.

Step 3. Then scroll a bit more and click “Reset settings” button.


Step 4. Once you click on Reset settings button, “Reset settings” dialog box displays, telling you what resetting your settings will do. Click “Reset” if you’re sure you want to reset your Chrome settings. Once you click on Reset button. It will take few seconds to reset you Chrome settings. All done now. Hopefully, your chrome issues get resolved.

reset google chrome

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