Change Default Download Location in Microsoft Edge

How to Change the Download Folder Location on Microsoft Edge?

If you are using Windows 10, you must be using Microsoft Edge as your default browser for internet surfing and downloading. However, do you know the default download folder location on the Edge browser and how to change the default download location to your desired location?

Most likely you are interested in changing your edge download location. By default, the download folder location of the Microsoft Edge browser is Downloads.

The following is the downloads folder path of Edge is on C:\Users\your user name\downloads.

If you wish to change the default download folder to another folder or location in Desktop or other drives. It will be very easy to change.

To change your Microsoft Edge download location, follow the steps given below:

Change Edge Default Download Location

The steps below were shown on the Microsoft Edge version 107.0.14. Options may vary if you may be using a lower version of Edge.

Step 1. First, create a folder to your desired location folder or to your Desktop and name it Downloads or what you want to name it.

To create a folder on your Desktop, right-click on your desktop and go to New and click on Folder. Change the name to Downloads/your desired one.

new folder

Step 2. Now open Microsoft Edge.

Then navigate to the Edge Menu (three dots —) from the top-right of the Edge browser. It will expand to more options, go down and click on Settings.

Step 3. From the left panel option, click on Downloads and it will show related options to the right side.

Under the Location option, click the Change button

change the download folder location to Microsoft EdgeStep 4. Once you have clicked on the change button, a new selection window will appear on your screen. It will ask you to select the new folder where you want to save your downloads.

You now have to navigate to the newly created folder in your desired location or to the Desktop and select the Downloads folder as created in Step 1.

Once you click on the select folder button, as a result your new default download location will be saved as desktop as shown in the image below:

change edge download location to desktop

Now onward, if you download any document, email attachment, file or any software using Microsoft Edge, that download will be automatically saved to the newly selected location or to the desktop Download folder.

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