Enable, Disable Cookies In Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome

What are Cookies?

Cookies also knows as web cookies, browser cookies, internet cookies. Cookies are a small pieces of data which is sent from a website and should be stored in a user computer while user browse any website in any browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc). If you want, you can easily stop web cookies to track your information. Hereby, in this post will show you that how you can change cookies settings or enable disable cookies in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Check out the steps below to change cookies settings:

Mozilla Firefox – Enable Disable Cookies

Step 1. Open Firefox. Click on the Menu Button to the top right of Firefox and select “Options”.

Step 2. Navigate to the left pane and select the Privacy Panel and then, from the right-side; set “Firefox will”: to Use custom settings for history.

Step 3. Tick mark the check-box of “Accept cookies from sites” to enable cookies, and uncheck it to disable cookies. Then, close the firefox TAB, the changes we have made, will be saved automatically.

enable disable cookies

Google Chrome – Enable Disable Cookies

First step: Open Google Chrome, at the Top-right, click Menu and select “Settings”.

Second step: Scroll the page to bottom, click Show advanced settings.

Third step: Now go to the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.

Fourth step: Use the “Cookies” section to change your settings:I

  • Go ahead and select Allow local data to be set (recommended), if the user wants to allow first and third-party cookies.
  • To block all cookies, select Block sites from setting any data. When you are using this setting, most sites that require you to sign in will be stop working.
  • To allow only first-party cookies and block all third-party cookies, check the box next to “Block third-party cookies and site data“. This means that site data cannot be read and written, even if you have added a site to the exceptions list and have chosen to allow its cookies.enable disable cookies

Alright, once you have selected your choice at above, click on “Done” to the right-bottom. Now, you are ready to use the Google Chrome as per settings made for internet cookies.

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