How to Download and Use Typing Master for Free in a Proper Manner?

Download Typing Master Free

You must be wondering the correct way to use typing master software to speed up your typing or double your speed.

The Typing Master Pro is an offline application that helps users to practice typing and enhance their typing speed.

If you are new to computer technology or a beginner and wanted to speed up your typing skills, you need to download typing master version for this.

Being as a beginner, users do not know how to start with typing properly or if typing skills are not so good then, typing master is a good option in that case to start with.

Typing Master is available to download free on their website, but as it is a trial version, so comes with limited features and access, which are quite enough for a beginner.

download typing master pro

You can download and install typing master free or pro version from the link below and start your typing practice.

System Requirements:

Operating System          :            Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7 and later Windows

System Type                   :           32-bit or 64-bit

Processor (CPU)             :            Pentium 300 MHz or higher

Screen Resolution          :           800 x 600 or higher

Hard Disk Space             :           100 MB of free space for installation

RAM                                :           256 MB or higher

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Best Way to Start Typing Practice

You just need to spend half an hour in this software daily, we guarantee, your typing skills will be enhanced within a week of time and you will realize the progress by your own.

I have seen many computer users; they do not know the right way of typing. Although, they try to type faster on keyboard, but due to the wrong way of typing they couldn’t type faster on keyboard.

The big question – how do you use typing master software?

First of all, the initial lesson of typing is to know the position of fingers on the keyboard. If you want to type faster on a keyboard, both hands should be in the right position. Else, you cannot type properly.

Check out the image below and see the right position of your fingers. In the beginning, you may have some difficulties while typing this way.

How to use typing master software

Likewise, there are many online websites like- 10 fast fingers to do a practice of typing, but that is suitable for those users, who know the right method of typing.

Typing Master Features:

  • You will get visual training in the beginning
  • Step-by-Step guide to use it
  • Typing tests
  • Typing games for enhancement
  • Statistics and Reporting (In Pro)
  • Double your typing speed by practicing
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