How to Transfer Files between Android Mobile and Apple MacBook? or Vice Versa

Transfer Files between Android and Mac

This could be a big hassle for Apple Mac users who hold Android phones, and I am one of them. Big question, how do I transfer files from android to Apple MacBook? or how to transfer files between Android and MacBooks?

Not every Mac user has an iPhone or iPad device. Many of us do have Mac’s but have Android devices.

I faced this issue as I recently bought a MacBook Air with an Apple M1 chip and I have OnePlus Android phone with me.

First, I have tried to connect my android phone via USB/Type C cable to my new Mac, but nothing prompted on the Mac.

Being a Windows user for many years, I’m used to connecting my android phone via a cable and can access data easily on Windows explorer, but it is not that easy on Mac computers.

Therefore, we have different ways to transfer android files or any data on Apple Mac computers.

Transfer Files from Android to Apple MacBook

Although, there are many third-party software’s available to fulfill this task, I would tell you the one which is quite easy and reliable.

You can easily transfer your Android files to your Apple MacBook computer laptop or desktop.

The method we are going to show you will work directly by using the thunderbolt cable.


Resources required:

  1. Android File Transfer App should be installed on your Apple MacBook
  2. Type-C Cable

First, download and install the Android file transfer app on your MacBook.

Follow this link and download it from Android’s official website. It supports macOS 10.7 and later versions.

Once the Android file transfer app is installed successfully on your MacBook, then follow the steps below:

Note: The following steps given in this article are done on OnePlus 7 Android phone by using the Type-C cable on both sides (phone and Mac laptop)

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to your Mac using a cable.

how to connect android to mac by using cable

The moment the phone is connected via a cable, Android file transfer app will detect it.

  1. In the notification area, tap for more options
  2. Select File Transfer from USB Preferences

data transfer from android to macos

Step 2. As a result, the Android file transfer app will bring up your Android phone’s content on your screen.

transfer files from android to apple macbook

This is how you can easily access data of your android phone to your Mac system.

Once you have Android folders on screen, simply drag and drop the selected files or folders to your Mac desktop, documents or any other location of the desired.

In addition, there are alternative software programs such as AirDroid application that can also help to transfer data.

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