How to Transfer Windows 7 License/Product Key to New Computer?

What is Windows 7 License?

Windows license is a kind of proof or authorization to you by Microsoft that you can use their software program for a limited time until that license expires. As you paid to Microsoft for Windows license, you are eligible to get all updates for your Windows 7 released by Microsoft to make your PC functional, safe and secure. Microsoft provides a 25-digit alphanumeric product key code (i.e.: Product Key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) to activate Windows. But, do you know that you can move or transfer Windows 7 license to a new computer?

Caution: However, this tutorial is tested and work fine for us. But still, Microsoft and your OEM license, there are a number of different laws that whether you are allowed to use your existing license on new PC, so follow this tutorial at your own risk and backup your old computer before you initiate any command.

Move or Transfer Windows 7 License/Product Key

Do you know that you can move or transfer Windows 7 license/product key to your new computer easily? If you are planning to sell or recycle an old computer, you may want to take your Windows license and use it on a new PC instead of paying for a new license. If not planning to use an old computer, there are a few steps by which you can disable your license from existing PC and install it to a new computer. You can install Windows 7 by your own and then, install old license/product key.

First, Disable, or Uninstall Windows 7 license in Old PC

Step 1. Go to the Windows 7 search box and type, “cmd” and see the given result. Right-click on cmd or command prompt (depends on shown result on your screen) and select “Run as administrator”.

command prompt

Step 2. The Windows command prompt (admin) screen will appear. Type command, “slmgr /dlv” (without quotes) and hit enter button.

Step 3.  Once you have initiated command given at above step, you will see a “Windows Script Host” screen will appear. This shows you the Windows licensing information on your Windows 7. Write down the “Activation ID” somewhere (don’t miss a single character of activation ID).

transfer windows 7 license

Step 4. Now, go back to the command prompt (admin) screen and type another command “slmgr /upk “Your Activation ID” and hit Enter button. Within quick seconds, you will see a new message on screen that shows you “Uninstalled product key successfully”.

By this way, we have successfully disabled the activation of Windows 7 on this computer. Right away you will get a notification to the right-bottom of your screen that the “The copy of Windows is not genuine”. For confirmation, check your machine properties, press hotkeys, “Win + Pause” and see Windows activation below on the opening screen.

Second, Activate or Install Windows 7 License/Product Key To New PC

Go to your new computer. I am sure, you must have installed Windows 7 so far. If not, download and install Windows 7 for free with this link. The easiest way to transfer windows 7 license or activate Windows 7 license is to use the command prompt (admin). Follow steps given below:

Step 1. Navigate to Windows 7 search box and type, “cmd”. Right-click on cmd or command prompt (depends on shown result on your screen) and select “Run as administrator” to launch command prompt.

Step 2. Type command, “slmgr /ipk Your Activation ID” (without quotes) and hit enter button to install product key in this new machine. Note: Activation should be the same that you have written down from an old pc.

A message box will appear with a message “Installed product key xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx successfully”.

Still, if you have a trouble to activate or install Windows activation, suggest you use Windows 7 Loader to activate. Rest, comment below for any query.

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