How To Add My Computer Icon On Windows 10 Desktop?

My Computer (This PC) Icon on Windows 10

In Windows 10, you should not have “This PC” icon (earlier know with the name of “My Computer” or “Computer”. Whenever you install newly windows 10 on your Desktop or Laptop, you get only Recycle Bin icon there. It is not so easy to find This PC icon in Windows 10. In previous version of Windows, it found as “My Computer” in Windows XP and in Windows Vista, 7 & 8, it found as “Computer” on desktop screen. Basically, this a shortcut to open Windows File Explorer where you can reach to system directories, wherein you can access Windows installed directory and other partitions, if any. Check out, add My Computer (This PC) icon on Windows 10)


Add My Computer Icon (This PC)

By default, Windows are not set to show This PC or Computer icon on the desktop screen. You need to get into the Windows settings and pin that icon to the desktop screen. Hereby, this article will show you how you can get My Computer or “This PC” icon on your desktop screen easily. Find the steps below: Add My Computer Icon (This PC) on Desktop Click To Tweet

Step 1. Right-click on your desktop screen where you can see free space and select “Personalize.

add my computer icon on windows 10

Step 2. Click onThemesin the left pane of the opened dialog box.

Step 3. Now click on “Desktop icon settings” and it will open the Desktop icon settings dialog box on your screen.

add my computer icon

Step 4. In Desktop icon settings dialog box, check the box before “Computer” to make an icon on your desktop screen. If you wish, you can check the boxes of Control Panel, Network or User’s Files to bring those icons to the desktop.

add my computer or This PC

Then click Apply/OK.

Now close “Settings” Windows as well. Check your desktop, you will see “This PC” icon on your computer screen. If you have also selected Control Panel, Network or User’s Files, you can see those icons as well in your desktop screen. Add My Computer Icon (This PC) on Desktop Click To Tweet

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