How To Create a Website Shortcut (URL link) that Open Only in Edge?

There is another quite interesting option in Windows 10 operating system that we can create website shortcut link (URL), that can opens only in Microsoft Edge browser. You may use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome along with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Could be one of  them is your default browser.

Create Website Shortcut (URL link)

However, if you want, that a particular website shortcut which opens only on Microsoft Edge, doesn’t matter what your default browser is. I will tell you the very easy steps to modify settings into any of your website shortcut, which will open only in Microsoft Edge. You can create so many website shortcuts like this to open only in Microsoft Edge instead of your default browser. Creating website shortcut makes easier to access your desire website or web page anytime. Just need to do a click on the shortcut and it will open it for you. Follow the steps given below to create website shortcut that opens only in Microsoft edge web browser just in two steps:

Note: I have taken an AOL Website as an example for this post/article. You can use any desired website as per your need. Create Website Shortcut that Open Only in Edge Click To Tweet

Step 1. Right-click on any of your website shortcuts and select properties as shown in the below image:

shortcut properties

Step 2. The website shortcut properties dialog box will appear on your screen (as mine AOL Properties). Under Web Document, at URL option, type the web address (don’t forget to replace to your desired website) by using following target:


create website shortcut

Once you are done, click Apply and OK to close shortcut properties dialog box. Create Website Shortcut that Open Only in Edge Click To Tweet

Now go ahead and click on modified website shortcut, this time your shortcut will open only with Microsoft Edge browser. You can create other website shortcuts as well by using this same trick or method.

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