How to Clear Browsing History, Cookies, Saved Passwords from Microsoft Edge?

How to Clear Edge Browsing History?

Edge also allows you to view, manage and delete or clear browsing history, cookies, cached data files, download history & saved passwords. Apart, it includes a number of new features in it.

Note: Make sure your Edge browser is up-to-date.

You must be using web-browsers on your Windows to surf on the web.

There are a number of browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari for Windows, etc.) available over the internet. Likewise, one of them is Microsoft Edge which is the built-in web browser of Windows 10 and developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Clear Browsing History, Cookies, and Saved Passwords from Edge

Many users do not like to save browsing history, passwords or store internet (web) cookies to their computer. By doing a Reset on Microsoft edge you can also clear browsing history, cookies or stored password but it can affect other settings on it made by you.

If you wish to remove all internet surfing history or saved passwords, the steps below will help you to do that easily.

Follow the steps given below to remove, delete or clear browsing history from your Microsoft edge browser:

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Step 1. Open the Edge browser, navigate your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the Edge, click on the 3-dotted button and select Settings from the expanded list.

edge settings

Step 2. After going into Settings, from the left side you will see the option Privacy, search, and services. Click on it and you will see the associated details on the right.

Scroll down a bit and under Clear browsing data, click on Choose what to clear.

clear browsing history from edge

Step 3. You will now have a list of certain data on this screen with check boxes to make your selection. Just go ahead and select what you want to delete, including a time range selection.

Then click on the Clear now button. Afterwards, this will do a small process and delete the history of the selected items.

how to delete edge browsing data

With your above action, all of the selected options (depending on your selection) for browsing history, cookies, cached data files, passwords, and downloaded history etc., will be deleted.

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