Use Windows Laptop While Lid Closed with External Screen

Run Laptop while Screen Closed with External Monitor

In short, yes you can access a Windows laptop while the lid is closed and the external monitor is connected via VGA or HDMI cable. By default, Windows is configured to go into sleep mode when you close your laptop screen (lid).

Do you use an external monitor, TV, or a second screen on your laptop? If yes, then it should be connected using HDMI or VGA cable.

I am sure that if you use this way, you really do not want to use your laptop screen or keep it open when the second big screen is connected to it.

But unfortunately you won’t close the laptop lid until you change the settings for lid closed. Without changing the settings, if you close the lid your laptop will go to sleep mode.

Certainly, you want to know how you can use a Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop when lid closed?

laptop lid closed

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 laptops or any of the older versions of Windows laptops, there is a provision that you can use a Windows laptop while lid closed.

You can connect an external USB mouse and keyboard to your laptop and start using the laptop when lid is closed for better convenience and productivity.

Hence, follow these steps to enable settings in Windows 10 laptop lid settings:

Use Windows 10 Laptop While Lid Closed

OR Change Laptop Lid Settings

Step 1. Press Win + R to open the Run Dialog box. Type control and hit OK to open the Windows Control Panel.

Step 2. Navigate to the top right and select View by: Category. From the drop down, select Large icons, and it will expand all Windows control panel items for you.

windows control panel

Step 3. Look for Power Options and click on it to get to the next screen.

power options

Step 4. On this screen, from the left pane option, click on Choose what closing the lid does.

Windows 10 laptop while lid closed

Step 5. You will see the Power and sleep buttons and lid settings window with the option On battery and Plugged in

By default, all the options are for Sleep for On battery and Plugged in.

Go to the option When I close the lid and from the drop down, select Do nothing for both “On battery” and “Plugged in”

Finally, click on the Save changes button.

Windows 10 laptop while lid closed

Alright, that’s all need to do. Now, you can access it even if your laptop lid is closed if you connect any external/second screen to your laptop.

You can access everything on the second screen by using an external keyboard and mouse. So above are the steps to use a Windows laptop while lid closed.

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