How to Use Google Hangouts for Free Message & Video Calls?

Use Google Hangouts for Free Message & Video Calls

Just to remember, look for Google Talk interface on below image. However, most of the users are using Hangouts but still many users do not know how to use Google Hangouts? Do you remember Google Talk?

Google Talk was a messaging services provided by Google in the past, which provides voice and text message facility. Also known as the name of Gtalk or Gchat.

On February 2015, user got an announcement from Google that Gtalk will be discontinued and replaced with their new app called “Hangouts”. Later on, June 2017, Google has discontinued GTalk and replaced with Google Hangouts for users.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the part of Google service. Hangouts is a communication platform that provides many features like messaging, video calls, SMS and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services. As a result, by using hangouts, you can keep in touch with your friends, family members & business contacts with its various services.

I must say, hangouts is very useful for business purpose. It helps you to communicate with your colleagues & employees and makes your work efficient and effective in a short period.

Rather, you can easily start a chat conversation or launch a video call by using hangouts to any part of the world. You can download hangouts for your Windows PC, Android and iOS devices. Hence, if you want to use hangouts, the user must have a working account.


  • Google Hangouts can be accessed by Google account only so, make sure should have a working Google account.
  • If you are not signed up yet for Google account, click here to sign up and fill require details to get a Google account.
  • An internet connection with good speed or data connection
  • Can use a computer desktop, laptop, android, iPhone or iPad
  • For video calling, required webcam & headphone

How to Use Google Hangouts?

The easiest way to use Hangouts is to get Hangouts extension into your browser (Chrome or Firefox). As you know that Hangouts is part of Google services, therefore, Google allows users to add an extension into the Google Chrome browser with easy steps.

Follow the steps given below to add a Google Hangouts extension to your Chrome browser. Make sure you have installed Google Chrome browser. If not yet, click below link to download Google Chrome offline installer.

[Read: Download Google Chrome Offline Installer]

Once the Chrome is installed, follow the below steps to install Hangouts extension in Google Chrome.

1)  Open Chrome Web Store

2) In the top-left pane, you will see a Search bar

3) Navigate there, type hangouts in the search, and hit Enter button. The Chrome web store will show you the result in the right side.

4) Click Add to Chrome button. You will be prompted to Add “Google Hangouts”? message on your computer screen

5) Click on Add extension button to continue

use google hangouts in windows6)  It will do a small process in the background and come up with Google Hangouts sign-in page. Click on SIGN IN button and enter your Google user account credentials to sign in. Once you have signed in, can easily communicate any one of your contacts from your contact list.
Use Google HangoutsNOTE: You will find Hangouts extension for both Windows and MAC devices.

Using Firefox? Install Firefox Add-on

Install Firefox if not installed yet.

If you would like to use Hangouts with Firefox, yes, there is Add-ons available for Mozilla Firefox as well with the name of Messenger for Google™ Hangouts.

Add hangouts for Firefox by clicking on “Add to Firefox” and easily connect with friends & family while you browse the internet on your PC. You can easily share images/photos, send emoji’s and even start an individual and group video calls as well.

Using Android, iPhone or iPad?

For Android device:

Go to the Play Store and search for ‘hangouts’ app. Once you will see the search result, hangouts will be there on screen. Click on “Install” button and it will be on your Android device. Sign in with your user ID and password and start using it.

use google hangouts on android

For iOS Devices:

You can easily access iOS App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for ‘hangouts’ app. Install, open and sign in by using Google ID. Start a conversation with your contacts.
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