How to Find or View Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers all over the world. It is faster, easy to use and user friendly. Therefore, the question is, do you use Mozilla Firefox in your Windows computer? If yes, then you might have saved your account passwords in Firefox on different websites. Now days we are registered our self in so many websites that we use on daily bases. But what if we forget any of them password? Do you know how to find or view saved passwords in firefox browser?

Hereby, Mozilla provides a solution in such kind of cases. Whenever you will make a new login to Mozilla Firefox, it prompts you to remember the user id & password. At that time if you selected “remember” option, Firefox’s store those details to its Password Manager. In future, in case if you forget the password somehow (as now days it is very hard to remember all passwords), do not panic, there are a couple of cool tricks to view saved passwords from Firefox.

View Saved Passwords in Firefox

Mozilla has its own Password Manager in its settings. We can access and find out the particular site password. This post will show you all steps to find out the forgotten password in Mozilla Firefox. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open Firefox. Click on “Firefox Menu” and select “Options”.

Firefox settings

Step 2. Firefox preferences will be at your screen. Click “Security” from the left pane.

Step 3. Now in the right side of the Security option, click on “Saved Logins…

firefox saved logins

Step 4. Saved Logins… screen will appear. Click “Show Passwords” to the right bottom of the screen.

view saved passwords

Step 5. At the movement you clicked on Show Passwords, all of the saved passwords on Firefox will be on your screen. Look for your particular user ID and password.

view saved passwords location in firefox

Once you find your forgotten password. Make a note of it from the above shown password list. So, this is the pretty easy & a cool trick to view & find saved password on Firefox.


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