How to Run Windows Defender Offline Scan to Fix Malware Issues?

Run Windows Defender Offline Scan

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you must know about the Microsoft’s free built-in antivirus called “Windows Security” also known as “Windows Defender“. However, you may run a quick scan anytime using Windows security, but do you know if Microsoft also provides an option to run a Windows defender offline scan as well?

You are running your computer Windows in a digital world, where security is a very important part in terms of computers.

The new program is enhanced and provides you with the best protection against Malware and other viruses.

Compared to the old version of Windows defender, Windows 10 defender is doing a good job of keeping your Windows safe and secure.

windows security offline scan

What is the Purpose of Defender’s Offline Scan?

Microsoft also provides an option to run Windows defender offline scans to all its users.

Apart from running a manual scan of Windows Defender, you can open the Windows defender dashboard then, navigate and click “virus & threat protection” from the left pane.

Click Quick scan to start the Windows defender scan. Note: make sure Windows defender is up-to date with latest virus definitions.

Windows security helps you to protect your Windows PC when you download something from the internet. It gives you immediate prompt if the downloaded file is virus infected and will be removed immediately.

In addition, you do have an option to “allow” or “restore” the downloaded file. Another option is to run a Windows defender scan manually.

Windows Security Offline Scan Settings

If you feel that your computer is not performing well. Or there could be a virus running into your Windows that has been affecting your PC. The offline scanning feature has been incorporated into Windows defender security.

Doing a Windows defender quick scan does not make any difference. We strongly recommend running an offline scan with Windows security. This will do a deep boot scan from the initial stage of the computer booting up.

How to Perform Offline Scan with Windows Security at System Boot up?

Check out the steps below to initiate defender offline scan in Windows 10:

Step 1. Open Windows Defender dashboard

Step 2. Navigate to Virus & threat protection from the left pane

Step 3. Click on ‘Scan options’ and it will show you the advanced options

Step 4. This will explore other options for scanning such as quick scan, full scan, custom scan and Windows defender Offline scan.

Step 5. Go and select the radio button of “Windows Defender Offline scan” and click on Scan now button.

windows defender offline scan in windows 10

Windows will give you a prompt to save your work with notification; defender’s offline scan will take some time and restart your device. Save all work before continuing.

Once you are done saving all of your documents, if any are open. Click the Scan button to start.

how to perform windows defender offline scan

Windows Defender will start warming up to start the offline scan. Within a few moments your Windows computer/laptop will reboot automatically.

When Windows is in the boot process, instead of booting Windows, a similar screen comes up on your computer screen with Windows Defender offline scan utility.

windows defender offline scan

This scan will take around 15-20 minutes and remove all the found viruses automatically. Once the scan process is finished, your Windows 10 will be rebooted automatically and this time, it will boot with your Windows 10 in normal mode.

Finally, to check the offline scan result, open Windows defender dashboard-> click on virus & threat protection-> Scan history or threat history.

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