Stop Auto Playing Videos in Mozilla Firefox

Are you using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser? Are videos playing automatically in Firefox? You may have noticed sometimes, if you go online and visit different websites in a same time on different tabs, you may hear some music or sound suddenly in the background. There could be some video playing automatically in another tab in the browser. By default, Mozilla Firefox set to auto play for videos on websites. Would you like to stop auto playing videos feature in Mozilla Firefox?

Stop Auto Playing Videos – Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes, visiting certain websites; you may got frustrated by auto playing of videos in Firefox. Don’t worry, we do have the solution. We can stop auto playing videos in Firefox. There are few easy steps that needs to be done and auto playing feature will be disabled from Mozilla Firefox. You may enable this back, whenever you need. To disable automatic playback or stop autoplaying videos in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps given below: Stop Auto Playing of Videos in Mozilla Firefox Click To Tweet

Step 1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to the Address Bar and type “about:config” and hit Enter.

stop firefox autoplaying videosStep 2. Hidden configuration settings will be open on your screen. Navigate to the search bar and type, “autoplay” and wait for the result and see the Status is default on both found results.


Step 3. Now right-click on “media.autoplay.enabled” and choose Toggle. When you click on Toggle, the status of media.autoplay.enabled will be changed to “user set”.

stop auto playing videos

Step 4. Now close this Tab only and stay with Mozilla Firefox. Now we need to open Firefox Add-ons. To open Add-ons press Ctrl + Shift + A from your keyboard or navigate your mouse cursor to Firefox Menu in the top right and select Add-ons.

firefox settings

Step 5. Now go to the Plugins in the left pane and then find the ‘Shockwave Flash’ plugin. From the dropdown, select ‘Ask to Activate’.

disable mozilla firefox autoplaying videos

Now, no more auto playing videos will be on Mozilla Firefox. Now go to any website without hesitation. It needs your permission to auto play videos. Whenever, you want to make those settings as default, go to the step 3 and right-click on “media.autoplay.enabled” and choose Toggle. It will set the value as default.

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