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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web-browser that was introduced on Windows 10 operating system by Microsoft. Edge has replaced internet explorer as found old version of Windows (Windows Vista & 7). In Windows 10, Edge provides the feature to save login passwords. So you do not need to enter your user ID or passwords every time to login. But for many users; it is not a good function. sometimes, by mistaken you click on “remember my password” which you don’t like to do. So if you want to remove saved passwords from Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 then, continue reading this post and follow the simple steps to remove Microsoft Edge saved credentials.

Remove Saved Passwords from Microsoft Edge

Step 1. Open Microsoft Edge. As you can see Facebook login page and it has Facebook password saved as shown below:

microsoft edge

Step 2. Navigate your mouse cursor to the top right on Edge. Click More Action Button (Edge Menu, small three dots —), as a result, it will expand more options for you, go down and click “Settings“.Step 3. From the given options, you will some icons (as shown on below image), need to click “passwords & autofill” icon then, select the “Manage passwords” tab

remove saved passwords from edge browserStep 4. Now, here is the place where you can remove all of your saved passwords as shown in the below image. Just click on the ‘x‘, to remove saved passwords from Edge. Although, by doing Reset of Microsoft Edge may also remove all saved password but in this you may lose other saved stuff as well.

remove saved passwords(Note: I have only one password saved as shown in the image. If you have more than one, so there will be a list).

Above all you need to do. Next time once you open Microsoft Edge. It will not come with your user ID & password. You need to type it manually and then it will be login. Hopefully, this article helps you to remove password from edge.

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