Firefox Master Password or Primary Password to Protect Stored Logins – Setup and Removal

Firefox Master Password – Setup or Removal

Mozilla Firefox is measured as a fast browser like Chrome and Edge. There are so many hidden built-in features of this browser that many few users know about. One option is to use a Firefox master password or use a Primary password to protect your stored logins and passwords.

Nowadays, Master password is known as Primary password when using Mozilla Firefox.

master password

Everyone knows about the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is an open source and free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation.

It is compatible and available for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc operating systems. It is also available for download on Android and iOS devices.

You can easily download Mozilla Firefox from the official website.

Built-in Firefox Master Password Feature

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, I am sure you must have saved some of your credentials or passwords in it.

Whenever you access any webpage with your username/user ID or password, you are getting a notification on Firefox to save this information or not within the browser.

Of course, we select yes to save user credentials in order to hassle free login every time. It’s good if you are the only user of your computer.

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If you have not setup master password yet. As you are probably aware, if you have not setup your Firefox master password, then anyone can easily get into or steal your all login id’s and passwords from your Firefox browser.

It does have an option to view or delete passwords from its security settings.

For better security, Firefox provides an option to protect your browser with a master password or use a primary password option, that won’t allow anyone to access your credential without a master or primary password.

Nobody can enter into your web accounts without using a master password.

How to Setup Firefox Master Password?

In this article, I will guide you through the entire process to setup and remove master password on Firefox so that you can use it as per your needs.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

Navigate to the Firefox Menu to the top-right and select Options.

mozilla firefox settings

Step 2. On the left pane, select Privacy & Security and you will see more options on the right side.

privacy and security

Step 3. On the right side under Logins and Passwords, you can see that there is an option and check-box to Use a Primary password.

Make sure if you are using an older Firefox version, you can see the check-box to Use a master password

By default, this feature is not enabled. Click on that check-box to Use a primary password to enable it.

use a primary password firefox

Step 4. Right the moment you click on the check box to use the master password or use a primary password, a new screen (Change Master Password/Primary Password) will appear.

By default, the current password is not set as shown.

how to setup a primary password on firefox

Go ahead and Enter the new password of your choice and then for confirmation re-enter password just below it and finally, click on the given OK button.

You will see a confirmation that the Master password successfully changed or it will say, Primary password successfully changed. Click the OK button to close.

Note: Will recommend you to remember this master password you have set. If you forget your master password or primary password, you will not be able to access the information protected by it.

firefox master password

Step 5. Now onward, whenever you open Firefox browser and access any web page for which your password is saved, it will ask for a master password.

For example: I have saved my login credentials for my AOL email and now it’s asking for a master password when I open the AOL login page.

I just nee to enter my master password and automatically get your user name and password there.

How to Disable or Remove Firefox Master Password?

In case of if you want to disable or remove the Firefox master password. Simply follow till Step 3 as shown above and uncheck the box “Use a Primary Password or Use a master password“.

The moment you uncheck it, the Remove Master Password screen will come up. You just need to Enter your existing (current) password and click the Remove button given below to disable this feature.

Keep in mind that if you remove this master password, any stored information will not be protected after removing this and accessible to everyone.

Remove Firefox Master PasswordFinally, in case if you forgot your the old master password or primary password of Firefox, you can easily remove it by resetting Firefox settings.

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