How to Remove PDF File Password with Google Chrome?

Password Protected PDF File

PDF (Portable Document Format) is developed by Adobe Systems. Surely you could be looking for the way, wherein, you can remove PDF file password without using any software. The PDF password remover is the most common application searched over the internet. Now a day, PDF is the most used file formats to send or share documents with your office colleagues, friends or for your business talks, over the email. If you have any password protected files, then every time you need to use a password to open the file. Many users sick of or got frustrated by entering the password each time. I am sure; you may face this sometimes and want to remove password from your pdf document. Check out an example of PDF password protected file given in below image:

password protected pdf

Remove PDF File Password

There are so many PDF password removal tools available online but do you know that you can easily remove pdf file password by using the Google Chrome browser? If you don’t know so far, then this post has a value for you. Check out the steps given below to remove pdf file password by using Chrome: Steps to Remove PDF File Password Share on X

NOTE: You have to enter the password once in order to remove pdf password permanently.

Step 1. Right-click on password protected pdf file and select “Open with” and select Google Chrome from the given list. Or you can simply drag and drop your PDF file to Google Chrome.

remove password from a pdf file

Step 2. Now Chrome will ask you to enter the PDF document password in order to open or view the document.

remove pdf file password

Step 3. Enter pdf password to open PDF file so you can view it.

Step 4. Navigate your mouse cursor to Chrome Menu and select “Print” option. Alternatively, you can press “Ctrl + P” in order to get Print options on Chrome.

free pdf password remover

Step 5. Print options will be on your screen. In Destination option, click on “Change” and select “Save as PDF”. Check the image given below:

pdf password unlocker

Step 6. You are ready to save your file in the local directory (Documents, Desktop or any Folder) or where ever you want to save on your computer.

pdf password remover free

The moment file got saved to the selected location, go the destination where you have saved the pdf file and simply double click on it to open. It won’t ask you for a password anymore. Steps to Remove PDF File Password Share on X

Wondershare PDF Password Remover

If you want, you can also use other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and do the same steps given in the above article to remove PDF file password. Alternatively, you can use Wondershare PDF Password remover for quick removal of PDF password.

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