How to Remove Malware or Viruses from Windows PC?

Symptoms of a Malware Infected Windows PC

Malware is a designed software to damage or corrupt any computer, network or a server PC. Malware does a damage on a computer after it gets executed on a targeted computer. Have you been into the problem when your Windows computer is suddenly starting running slow? This is the very first sign that your Windows computer could infect by any spyware or malware virus infection. You may start getting unwanted advertisements, popups, wired messages on screen, web-browsers start running slower and sometimes get frozen, browser home page gets changed automatically to something else, some of fake software’s may install automatically in your Windows and start doing scan with itself and shows you fake result, Slow PC boot up, unwanted PC errors start coming up on screen, computer may shut down automatically while working on it. Now, you must be thinking how to remove malware from PC? Remove Malware or Fix Malware Infected PC Click To Tweet

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These all above are the major symptoms or signs of a spyware or malware infected PC. So the question is what to do when your Windows PC got infected with any spyware or malware infection? Do you run to a local computer repair shop and spend money on it or look for support online? The answer is, No need to go anywhere, you can fix this by your own by doing some simple troubleshooting. Check out the steps given below to fix the malware infected PC:

Remove Malware or Fix Malware Infected PC

Given troubleshooting will work on Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 PC’s. Once you get to know that your computer is infected. The very first thing that needs to do is, disconnect internet from the computer. Then follow the further steps to remove malware:

Step 1. Boot PC in Safe Mode:

If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, click here to know the processor to boot in Safe Mode.
If running a Windows 8.1 or 10 OS, click here to know the steps to boot in Safe Mode.

safe mode

Step 2. Run Malwarebytes Scan: Malwarebytes Anti-malware is very useful malware scanner that helps you to identify the Trojans, worms, spywares, rootkits, etc and give you an option to remove them from your Windows PC. But it should be registered version software. Though, you can’t find licensed version without spending a bit amount on it, but hereby, I will be providing you a licensed version of Malwarebytes for free. Click here to download registered version of Malwarebytes.

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Once you complete above steps, then, we need to reboot your computer in normal mode. For that, simply go to start menu and select option to restart. Once your PC will boot up on normal mode, follow further below steps:

Further Steps to Fix Malware Infected PC

Step 3. Run System Disk Cleanup: Your Windows may have a bunch of junks, temporary files, unknown downloaded items, etc. Disk cleanup is a Windows built-in utility by which you can easily remove all of them with a single click. By doing this, it will create a lot of free space on your hard drive which is occupied by unknown resources.

Go to the Windows start menu, type “disk cleanup” on the Windows Search bar. You will see the result, click and open Disk Cleanup. It will come up with Drive C (Windows installation directory) by default. Just click “OK” to start the Windows disk cleanup.

disk cleanup

Step 4. Remove Unknown Browser Extension: Whenever any virus affects any of Windows PC, it will modify browser’s home page and add some unknown extensions or add-ons in your browser. Those extensions run on background whenever you go online. That may slow down your browsing and can do unwanted activities.

  • Firefox: Open Firefox, go to Menu and select “Add-ons” or alternatively, press “Ctrl + Shift + A” to open the browser’s add-on.
  • Chrome: Open Chrome, go to Menu -> More Tools -> Extensions
  • Edge & Internet Explorer: Go to Settings (Gear icon) -> select Manage Add-ons

Step 5. Uninstall Unknown Programs: Finally, we have to go to the Control Panel and uninstall that you find unknown to you (recent date installation). To do that, open Run dialog box by using hotkeys “Win + R” and type “appwiz.cpl” then, click OK. Now you will a list of all installed programs. Find out those are unknown to you and uninstall them.

uninstall program

Once you are done with the above steps, just finally, restart your computer. Once it will boot and come back, hopefully, all the virus and malware has been removed and your Windows computer is running functional and smooth. Remove Malware or Fix Malware Infected PC Click To Tweet

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