How to Password Protect Folder and Files in Windows?

How to Make a Password Protect Folder?

In this digital world, password protection is quite important to secure your confidential data or files. The way you protect your online stuff, you really want to password protect folder and files as well.

Everybody has some important folder or files on their computers that they really want to hide or password protect so no one can see those.

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If you want to create a password for your existing or new folder, you should have installed WinRAR on your Windows PC.

WinRAR is a Windows utility that has the capability to archive file, folders into. RAR/.ZIP format. Wherein, it allows us to create a password to protect any folder with secure password.

Make sure you should have installed WinRAR into your Windows PC. If not installed yet, download from below link.

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Create Password Protect Folder

Follow the steps given below to password protect your folders and files in a Windows PC with WinRAR.

Step 1. Create a folder, in which you want store all of your important or confidential files (For example mine on Desktop screen – Image below).

You can do the same process with multiple folders as well.

password protect folder

Step 2. Right-click on the folder and select Add to archive….

Step 3. It will come up with Archive name and parameters as shown in below image.

Go to the bottom and click on Set password option.

password protect folder

Step 4. A new screen will appear and ask you to Enter password.

Type your desired password in order to protect your folder and reenter password for verification below then, click OK button.

create password protect folder

Step 5. Then, click OK button to close Archive name and parameters screen as well.

The moment you will click on OK button, it will initiate a small process and create a .RAR file with the same name that you have in your folder.

Step 6. Now if you want, you may delete or remove real folder because all of your files have saved in a .RAR file with a password.

To check, right-click on the newly created folder and select Extract Here (Image 1) and it will ask you to enter password to see the files inside this folder (Image 2).

Enter the password that you have created and click OK to open files in it.

Image 1
Image 2
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