YouTube Dark Mode – How to Enable or Disable on PC, Android and iOS?

YouTube Dark Mode

Probably, you must aware about YouTube’s new feature called YouTube Dark Mode or YouTube Dark Theme. YouTube’s dark theme allows user to reduce your web screen’s glare and experience with a dark background while using or playing videos. The dark mode provides an easier eye viewing experience to users on YouTube.

This means, certainly, now YouTube allows you to switch your bright light screen background to the back background which looks nice while watching or playing videos. Take a look on below image that how the dark theme looks. After watching this image, you must be wondering to enable YouTube dark theme on your device.

youtube dark mode

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Enable or Disable YouTube Dark Mode

Dark theme on YouTube is available for web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and other supported browsers) while on YouTube desktop app along with Android & iOS apps.

On Web Browser

If Using Mobile App

Enabling or disabling the YouTube’s dark theme is quite simple by just using a slider or toggle button. First of all, will let you know to enable dark mode on the desktop or laptop then, with Android. Sign-in to YouTube account is not required to do this procedure. If you are already signed in, that’s okay rather you can do it without logging in as well.

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Note: Most noteworthy, your browsers or Apps should be up-to-date. If you don’t see the options shown below to enable or disable dark them then, you need to check for browser or app updates.

YouTube on Web Browser

Step 1. Open any of your web-browser and go to YouTube. Dark theme is always off by default.

  1. If you are already signed in then, click your profile picture on the top-right corner. Check image 1 below:
  2. Not signed in? Rather, not mandate. Just need to click on the menu button (three vertical dots). Check the image 2:

Then, you will see a few options in the given list. Select Dark Theme.

Image 1


Image 2

Step 2. As a result, you will see the toggle or slider button that will give you an access to enable YouTube dark theme on your desktop or laptop PC. Hopefully, finally, you are on dark theme mode.

youtube dark mode desktop

YouTube on Mobile App

For Android Devices: Dark Theme is something new for the YouTube app on Android devices. Make sure your Android is updated. To access YouTube dark mode on YouTube App, follow step below:

Launch YouTube App – > Click Profile Picture -> Settings -> General -> Appearance

The moment you press on appearance, you will see prompt providing the option to select Use device theme, Light theme or Dark theme. Select the radio button of dark theme to enable.

youtube dark mode android

For iOS Devices: Similarly as android, if you want to activate dark theme in iPhone or in iPad YouTube App, navigate to below step:

Open YouTube App -> Click on Account Picture -> Settings -> Theme -> Choose Dark

youtube dark mode ios

How to Enable or Disable YouTube Dark Mode? Click To Tweet
How to Disable YouTube Dark Mode?

Above all steps shows you to enable night mode on YouTube. But how would you disable if not required?

It’s simple, once you want to disable to inactive dark theme or night mode option on YouTube on your PC, Android or iOS device, just reach at the same location and by using toggle or slider button and on smartphone use radio button to turn off this feature.

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