Stop Skype from Starting Automatically in Windows Startup

Stop Skype from Starting Automatically

Many of us do not use Skype application or occasionally use it and it is still on our system due to whenever we boot or start our operating system, it starts automatically and that really annoyed sometimes. So, how would we stop Skype from starting automatically? Surely, you will know by the end of this article.

Skype is one of the well-known telecommunication applications that allows you to make voice calls and video chats along with text messages from your computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.), Smartphones, Tablets and other supported devices.

Skype is a free software by Microsoft and easy to download

About Skype

Now days, millions of computer and smartphone users using Skype to make internet calls. By using Skype utility, you can easily communicate with your friends, family members or to your business associates.

Initially, Skype is designed and developed by Skype Technologies and later company was purchased by Microsoft in 2011.

In Windows 10, there are 3 different variants of Skype as below:

Skype: It is a traditional desktop application that you can download and install to your device and start communicating with your contacts

Skype Preview: Skype Preview developed in the latest version of Windows 10 and provides the great features to our next generation mobile experience, specifically designed with desktop in mind. This will provide you the full advantage of the larger screen.

Skype for Business: Skype for Business is an instant messaging enterprise software that uses Skype for Business Server or with Skype for Business Online. Microsoft announced on November 2014 that Lync would replace with Skype for Business in 2015.

Steps to Stop Skype from Starting Automatically

If you really don’t use Skype in your system and no plans to use in future, then, rather you disable Skype from Windows startup, we recommend you to uninstall the application from your laptop or desktop computer.

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Maybe you know that whenever you close Skype, by default it minimized to system tray and keep running in the background until you exit it from there.

stop skype from starting automatically windows 10

Yes, you can stop Skype from starting automatically on Windows startup. Follow the steps given below.

If you are running Skype version then, open or launch the Skype application and click on the 3 dots button (“…”) and select Settings -> General. Disable the option of “Automatically start Skype“.

The given steps in this article have been done on Skype version 8.55 and Application version 14.55 in Windows 10.

Step 1. Open Windows 10 Settings App. Press Win + I to launch it.

Step 2. Select Privacy Tab.

Step 3. Now, from the left pane, scroll and select Background apps

Step 4. As a result, you will have a list of all the apps those are running in the background. Scroll down and locate Skype

  • Just besides the Skype app, there is a toggle button
  • Slide to left to turn off or disable Skype to running in the background
  • Close Windows Settings app

Finally, you just need to restart your computer once to get the changes in effect and you will see at next boot, you won’t get Skype at Windows startup.

This means we have successfully stopped Skype from starting automatically on Windows startup.

In case, still if you have the same issue persist, comment below with the operating system type and Skype version you are using.

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