How to Enable Dark Theme for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge?

Enable Dark Theme for Windows 10 Apps & Settings

Dark theme mode is also good for users who have color blindness issues. While using dark mode, they can easily access all of the features in Windows. If so, do you know how to enable dark theme mode on Windows 10 and on Microsoft edge browser?

Windows Dark Theme is a pretty cool theme that comes with Windows 10 Anniversary or later updates.

The dark theme was not available in the previous version of Windows, but yes, there were certain ways wherein people could make changes on the registry to get that Windows dark theme.

The Windows 10 dark theme looks cool while using Windows Apps and Settings (check out the image below).

Windows 10 dark mode

There is a glitch that dark theme doesn’t apply to Windows Applications. There is a way around making a dark theme into Windows Applications.

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Step 1. Press Win + X and select Settings to open Windows Settings.

Step 2. Click on Personalization to open Background, lock screen & color options.

windows 10 settings

Step 3. On the left pane, select Colors

Step 4. Now, to the right side, scroll down the page and select Dark under Choose your app mode

enable dark theme

The moment you select Dark, it will take immediate action and turn your theme into dark mode.

It doesn’t affect desktop applications or any of your previous settings made in Windows 10.

Enable Dark Mode for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduced Edge as a new browser in Windows 10 that has the dark theme option available. The steps shown here have been done on Microsoft Edge version 87.0.664.57.

Follow the steps below to enable dark themes on Microsoft Edge

Step 1. Open Microsoft Edge and click on the Edge Menu in the top right.

Step 2. From the left pane, select Appearance.

Now in the Default theme option, there is a drop-down to select Dark. (Edge version 87.0.664.57)

enable dark theme in microsoft edge

However, on the later Edge versions, you will have the Theme options as per the image below:

how to change theme on microsoft edge

The moment you select the Dark option (in the old edge version) or choose appearance/theme (later edge version), Microsoft Edge will turn into Dark Mode.

NOTE: Whenever you want to go to the default theme settings on Windows 10 or Microsoft Edge, go back to the same location and revert the settings back to Light/Default.

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