Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically in Windows Startup

What is Skype for Business?

Before we let you know that how you can disable or stop Skype for business from starting automatically at Windows startup. We would like to provide you a bit overview or information about Skype for Business application.

Skype for Business is used by big organizations that helps users to connect with their colleagues or business partners in within the company or around the world. It does provide many facilities while using it such as start conversations with IM, voice, or video calls, see when your contacts are available online, can broadcast online to a large audience, present your system screen during meetings or give control to others, use application in other Office programs to chat, call, or join a meeting with a single click and much more.

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skype for business at windows startupIf you don’t use Skype for business then, this article is beneficial for you.

Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically

Seems like you might want to disable or stop Skype for business from your Windows startup that is why you have reached to this article. Don’t worry, you can easily disable it by quick steps given below:

Note: It doesn’t matter whether you are logged in or not, into Skype for business. Below steps will help you to disable it anyway.

Method 1.

Step 1. Once the Skype for Business is open, click on the Settings icon (Gear icon) -> Tools -> Options. Check below for your reference:

disable skype for business at windows startupStep 2. As a result, Skype for Business – Options windows will open on your screen

  • From the left pane, select Personal
  • Now Uncheck boxes of Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows and Start the app in the foreground
  • Finally, click OK button to save the settings

stop skype for business from starting automaticallyCertainly, by doing above action will stop Skype for Business from starting automatically on Windows 10 startup. Though, Skype for Business application is still on your Windows computer, but you will no longer see it until you launch it manually.

Alternate Method to Turn off Skype for Business

Method 2.

We have observed, in some cases above method doesn’t work for few users. There could be several reasons behind.

If method 1 do not work for you either so, don’t worry, follow below steps:

1. Launch Windows Settings App (Win + I)
2. Click on Privacy
3. From the left pane under App permissions, click “Background apps
4. Now from the right pane, scroll down until you find Skype App
5. Turn off the toggle button for Skype.
6. Restart Windows and Skype will no longer come at Windows startup

stop skype for business from starting automatically in Windows 10Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically Share on X

If you have no plans to use Skype for business in the future. Then, we recommend you to remove or uninstall the Skype for Business from your Windows computer.

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