Keyboard Symbols and their Names

What are Keyboard Symbols?

We are referring to this article for Keyboard Symbols and their names.

You might be using a Windows desktop or a laptop computer. There is a little difference between a desktop keyboard and a laptop keyboard in terms of size and few key locations.

A computer keyboard is a peripheral hardware device and an input device that can be used to type/input data in a system.

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A computer keyboard contains a set of keys (buttons), which includes letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), symbols (~] $* #, etc.) and few shortcuts (volume, brightness, airplane, etc.) as well.

  • For desktops, it could be a USB, Bluetooth or a Wireless keyboard. Earlier PS/2 was also available.
  • On a Laptop, you can use its built-in keyboard or can connect a USB, Bluetooth or a Wireless keyboard

Find below the images as an example of USB/Wireless keyboard and a laptop keyboard:

desktop keyboard symbols name
Desktop Keyboard
laptop keyboard symbols name
Laptop Keyboard

Computer Keyboard Symbols and their Names

Certainly, you must be aware about keyboard signs and their names, but still, many of the users or beginners still wanted to know the names of computer keyboard symbols.

Hereby, this article is dedicated for Windows computers or laptops and the users who want to know about the names of keyboard signs.

Keyboard Symbols Names
~ Tilde
` Grave Accent
! Exclamation Mark
@ at Symbol or at Sign
# Pound or Hash
$ Dollar Sign
% Percent Sign
^ Caret
& Ampersand or and
* Asterisk
( Open Parenthesis
) Close Parenthesis
() Parenthesis or Round Brackets
Hyphen, Minus or Dash
_ Underscore
+ Addition or Plus Sign
= Equals or Equal Sign
[ Open Brackets
] Close Brackets
[] Square Brackets
{ Open Braces
} Close Braces
{} Curly Brackets or Braces
\ Backward Slash or Backslash
| Pipe or Vertical Pipe
; Semicolon
: Colon
Apostrophe or Single Quote
Quotation Mark or Double Quotes
Less than
Greater than
<>  Angle Brackets
, Comma
? Question Mark
/ Forward Slash or Divide
. Dot, Period or Full Stop
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