How to Change Network Type from Public to Private on Ethernet Connection?

In one of the previous articles we showed you the steps on how to change your network type from Public to Private on WiFi Connection. In this article you will get to know how to change network type from public to private if you are connected via an Ethernet cable?

I recommend being on a public network as it’s more secure in case of the following:

For instance, let’s assume if you are connected to any other public network like hotels, colleges, hospitals, airports or any of the public place using WiFi of LAN connections and for your information, your system will not be discoverable to others on the same network.

Change the Network Type from Public to Private if Connected through Ethernet

Now, depending, how your PC is connected to the network? Is it connected to WiFi or Ethernet (LAN)?

This tutorial will show you how you can change the network location from Public to Private, if connected to WiFi or a LAN wire.

Note: The given steps will work with Windows 10 and later Windows Versions. For Windows 11, a few steps may vary.

Step 1. Right-click on the Start Menu and select Settings, or press Win + X and select Settings.

Step 2. In this Windows Settings, Now click on Network & Internet

change network type in windows 10

Step 3. In the left pane, select Ethernet, and then click on connected network from the right.

how to Change Network Type Public to Private

Step 4. Now, on the next screen, turn the radio button ON of Make this PC discoverable in order to make this network Private.

change network type public

The above steps are to make your computer network type from Public to Private.

In addition, you may change these settings anytime to Public by making the radio button OFF. If you do not have to share anything on the network. So keeping the settings with a public network is recommended.

Change Network Type from Public to Private on Ethernet Share on X

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