Vertical Tabs Button in Microsoft Edge – How to Show or Hide?

Vertical Tabs Button

Hoping, you are aware about the new feature of Microsoft Edge wherein you can use vertical tabs button in its toolbar.

The new updated edge browser works as same Chromium web-engine like Google Chrome works which makes your edge browser best in its performance and web compatibility.

Vertical tab button is disabled by default in Microsoft Edge. Check below image to know how it looks in disabled state.

vertical tabs button

If you are the one who always uses Microsoft edge frequents and multiple tabs are open. Then, this is very useful to you.

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Once you enable vertical tabs, it takes your web pages to the left-hand side rather it is showing at the top.

You can easily switch between tabs as it will show web pages in the list view (image below) on the side of the browser.

enable vertical tabs button in microsoft edge

Whenever, you want to switch between tabs, just hover the mouse cursor on the tab (scroll with the mouse if you have a long list) and click on it.

How to Enable or Disable Vertical Tabs Button in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the only web-browser as of now, which offers this built-in vertical tab option for your seamless navigation.

Note: This option is available only with Microsoft Edge version 87.0.654.0 or later.

Hereby, showing you options by which, you can easily enable or disable vertical tabs button in Microsoft Edge browser.

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Here is how you can do it:

Disable Vertical Tabs Option in Microsoft Edge

For instance, if you don’t like this vertical tab button or do not want to use it and want this to disable:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Right-click on the vertical tabs button at the top-left corner of the Edge and choose option Hide from toolbar
  3. As a result, it will be disabled from the toolbar

disable vertical tabs button

Enable Vertical Tabs Option in Edge

Certainly, if you would like to use vertical tab feature, follow below steps:

  1. Click on 3-dots Menu on the top-right corner of Microsoft edge and select Settings in the given drop-down list.
  2. Click Appearance from the left pane options and the related options will appear at the right-side.
  3. Under the Customize toolbar. Use the toggle switch of Show vertical tabs button to enable or disable vertical tabs button in Microsoft Edge toolbar.

enable or disable vertical tabs button

So, this is a quite easy process that everyone can do it easily and use according to their requirement.

However, we recommend you to use this feature as this is very useful to us.

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