How to Solve Print Spooler Service Not Running Error in Windows?

Print Spooler Service

You reached in this article that means you must be looking to fix print spooler service is not running error while printing or you do not find your printer list in control panel. Before we let you know how you can fix print spooler service not running error, let us tell you a bit about print spooler service.

In Microsoft Windows, print spooler service is a Windows service, which is liable to manage all the print jobs sent from a Windows computer by a user or a print server. There are two dependencies services of print spooler service are DCOM Server Process Launcher & RPC Endpoint Mapper. In simple words we can say, print spooler service allows the user control over the print queue tasks running in the background of Windows PC.

More About Print Spooler Service

In computer language, the print spooler service helps Windows PC to communicate with the printer, and orders the print jobs in your printer queue. Print spooler service error can occur in any version of Windows PC. While sending print command or installing printer, you may get an error prompted “The print spooler service is not running”.

If you are getting this error message or similar to this, your printer may not be listed under “Devices & Printers” or maybe while sending a print command this error prompted and you are unable to install the printer on your computer or can’t take prints.

Solve Print Spooler is not Running in Windows

Cause of this Error: There are so many reasons behind this error message but most probably your Windows print spooler service has stopped. It may happen due to some virus attack to the PC and viruses do have the capability to modify Windows services any point of time or could any other reason. Print spooler service effects users only to stop using the printer.

How to Fix: If you are getting this error, that means printer spooler service has stopped. We need to start this service from the Windows Services Management Console.

Note: Given solution will work on Windows XP and later operating system until Windows 10 so far.

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Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open Run dialog box by pressing Win + R on your keyboard. Then, type services.msc and hit enter or click on OK button.

Step 2. The Services Management Console is open on your screen. Check below screenshot, Print Spooler doesn’t have the Status as Running & Startup Type is Manual, it should be Automatic instead of Manual.

print spooler service not running errorStep 3. Right-click on Print Spooler and select Properties.

how to fix print spooler service not runningStep 4. A print Spooler dialog box will open on your screen. Select Automatic from the drop down of Startup type and then click on Start under Service status. It will do a small process and finish it automatically. Then click on OK button to close Print Spooler dialog box.

print spooler service not running in windowsStep 5. Now see, Print Spooler Status is Running and Startup type is Automatic.

For sure, your issue has been resolved. Now go ahead and try to take a print. You will not be getting an error of The print Spooler service not running and will get the prints.

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