How to Set Different Wallpapers Background on Dual Monitors?

Set Different Wallpapers on Dual Monitors

This will be a quite interesting topic for the users who use dual screen attached via a VGA or HDMI cable. Would you like to know how to set different wallpapers background on dual monitors?

Being as a computer user, the monitor screen is the very first thing that we see and that is of course a wallpaper of screen background.

Everyone wants to set a background of their own taste such as technology, nature, universe, dark, animation, plain wallpapers and many more options available.

Dual screen mostly used by gamers, techies, developers, movie lovers as well along with monitoring purpose for officials.

Windows 10 makes many tasks easy for us since it launched. One of the examples is to set different background wallpaper for each screen.

how to customize dual screen monitors with different wallpaper

How to Set up Different Background on Dual Screen?

For instance, let’s assume that you have a laptop with the capability to extend screen to the different monitor or compatible TV screen and another screen is connected via VGA or HDMI cable.

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How do you set two different wallpapers on both screens?

Windows default behavior it to reflect same wallpaper to both screens.

Let me break the suspense. Yes, it is possible in Windows 10 to set different backgrounds for each monitor screen.

Follow the easy steps below and setup separate wallpaper for each monitor screen:

Note: Make sure second monitor screen is connected and Extended option is chosen from laptop or desktop. Press Win + P to explore option and select Extend option

Customize Dual Monitor Background

Step 1. Launch Windows 10 Settings App.

Follow any of the below options to open:

  • Press Win + I from your keyboard and it will directly open Windows 10 Settings App for you
  • Right-click on Windows 10 Start Menu and select Settings option

Step 2. Click Personalization, and then, follow below steps.

  1. It will automatically land up on Background Make sure Background type Picture is selected
  2. Using the Browse button import the both wallpaper or an image that you want to setup as a monitor background
  3. After that, just right-click on one of the wallpapers and select Set for monitor 1.
  4. Similarly, you need to do for the second monitor, right-click on another wallpaper and select Set for monitor 2
set different wallpapers on dual monitor
Point 3 – Set for monitor 1
set different wallpapers
Point 4 – Set for monitor 2

AS a result of your above action, now you can see your both screens with different wallpapers and moreover, you would laugh to know how easy it was.

This is how you can customize dual screen monitors with different wallpaper on it.

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