Install Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

There are several new apps have been introduced in Windows 10 since, Windows 10 has launched back in July 2015. For example; Windows photo viewer has been removed and introduced as a Photos App in Windows 10. Whenever we open any photo, picture or image on Windows 10, by default, it opens with Windows 10 Photos App. What if you don’t like this app and want to add or install Windows photo viewer in your latest Windows 10?

Basically, Windows photo viewer is not a part of Windows 10. But if you want, you can add or install it by a small registry modification. The major reason why I am writing this article because many users really don’t like the new Photos app came with Windows 10.

So, if you are one of them who don’t like Photos app and want old Windows photo viewer back then, this article gives you a worth.

Install Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Windows photo viewer might still have it in your system, if you have upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. To check this, right-click on any of your photo, picture or image, and choose Open with option and you will see Windows photo viewer in this list. If you don’t see it there or got pre-installed Windows 10 then, you need to add it manually by following steps.

As said above, we need to modify registry in order to get the photo viewer in Windows 10 so, before we start, it’s better if we backup Windows registry. Sometimes, it can be dangerous, if you made a mistake while working on registry that time registry backup will help you.

I have done all below steps to my both Windows 10 having version 1903 and 1803 and it works like a charm for me. If you follow steps properly, you will get Windows photo viewer to your Windows 10 too.

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Step 1. Download the following text file to your desktop by using below the download button. Change its file extension from .txt to .reg.

Make sure hidden file extensions setting is enabled.

add windows photo viewer in open with list

Step 2. The above step will convert this text file into the registry file as file extension has been changed. If you may notice that file icon also changed. Now, right click on this file and select Merge option from the given list.

add windows photo viewer to windows 10

Step 3. A formal registry notification will appear on your screen regarding your following action of adding registry file.

Windows require your permission for adding this reg key so, you need to click Yes to continue.

Step 4. Finally, you will see a confirmation message by your Windows which says, “The keys and values contained in C:\Users\Your user account name\Desktop\Windows Photo Viewer.reg have been successfully added to the registry”.

Windows photo viewer for windows 10 download

Alternate Method to Add Windows Photo Viewer

Download and extract Windows photo viewer.reg file directly from below download button and then, follow above Step 2 to Step 4.

At last, we need to restart the Windows 10 so the modified changes will be in effect.

After a restart, once your Windows 10 is back on; right-click on any image, photo or picture, select Open with option and then, Choose another app -> scroll down and select More apps.

Windows 10 will give you a list of installed programs in your system. Scroll down and locate and select Windows Photo Viewer then, click OK to save settings.

Note: if you wish, you can tick the check box of Always use this app to open .JPG, .PNG or other files.

install Windows photo viewer

By this way, Windows 10 is technically allowed to open your.JPG, .PNG, .BMP or other file extensions on Windows photo viewer app.

Now you know the entire process for how to install Windows photo viewer to your Windows 10 so, what you are waiting for? Just do it.

install Windows photo viewer in Windows 10

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