How to Delete “Windows.old” Folder after a Windows Update?

Delete Windows.old Folder

This article will show you that how you can remove or delete Windows.old folder from C drive after a Windows update as it has occupied lots of space. I am sure, you know that Microsoft has officially launched its Windows 10 Creators update on April 2017 and Fall Creators update on Oct, 2017. It has a few new features added to it. This is always good to keep your computer up-to-date.

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New update always includes bug fixes, enhanced performance and some other new features added to it. Still, if you have not updated your Windows 10 with Creators update (OS built: 15063), you may click here and update your Windows 10 computer anytime to creators update. Updating you Windows will not harm to your computer.

All of your Settings, files, data, images will be as it is. There will be no change in it. Once updated, it will create a folder named Windows.old in your installation directory (C:\). However, it will take some time to get your computer update, depends on your computer & internet speed.

Where do i Find Windows.old Folder?

If you have already updated your Windows 10 to creators update, you might have noticed, it has occupied a lot space on your installation drive (C:\ drive) and created a new folder with the name of Windows.old. Check the image below:

windows.old folder

Remove Windows.old from C Drive of Windows 10

Go through this article and it will show you the steps to remove or delete Windows.old folder which has occupied a huge space in your installation drive or directory. Follow the steps below to remove or delete Windows.old folder from C:\ drive:

Step 1. Press Win + X, it will open the options, select Search.

searchStep 2. Type Disk Cleanup on Search box and you will see the result. Click on Disk Cleanup to open.

disk cleanupStep 3. It will open Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection windows on your screen. C:\ drive is selected by default. Click OK to continue. It will start calculating the disk space on it.delete windows.old folder affter windows 10 updateStep 4. Once it’s finished, will open Disk Cleanup Windows on your screen. If you see Previous Windows installation(s) in this list, then check the box and click OK.

Step 5. If you do not see Previous Windows installation(s), then click on Clean up system files option as shown in the image 1 below:

It will again jump to Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection” windows on your screen (image 2). C:\ drive is selected by default. Now this time it will check system files deeply. Click OK button to continue.

remove windows.old folderStep 6. Now again, it comes with Disk Cleanup Windows on your screen. Look for Previous Windows installation(s) and check the box on it to select and click OK button to start the cleanup process.

delete windows.old folderIt may take a while, depends on your computer configuration. Once it has done, just need to restart your computer and go back to windows explorer and check out the disk space.

Now you got a huge space in your drive C. In my case, it has extended more than 25 GB space in my C drive.

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