Netsh Winsock Reset Command for Windows – Why and How to Use?

Netsh Winsock Reset Command

Sure, you must have heard about the netsh winsock reset command in Windows, but if you don’t know exactly why this command is used for and how to use it? I will let you know the answer to this in a described manner.

Therefore, the question is…

  • Are you having issues with internet connectivity to your single device?
  • Are you having internet issues with your Windows desktop or a laptop?
  • Unable to access most of the websites properly?
  • Do you have a valid IP address or DNS on your Windows PC?
  • Got an APIPA IP (Automatic Private IP Addressing) which is a Class B IP address that starts from 169.254. XXX.XXX

If you are getting any of the issues listed above, then this can be resolved by using the winsock reset command.

Why and How to Use Winsock Reset?

Winsock errors usually occur due to network settings getting corrupted or modified.

This can happen because of the web browser hijacking add-ons which usually install while installing any free software program or spyware on your Windows PC.

You can execute this command if you are having networking problems or Internet access issues with your Windows PC due to corrupted network settings.

Netsh Winsock Reset is a very useful and powerful command that users can use in Windows to reset the winsock catalog back to its default settings. Winsock settings contain a computer’s configuration for Internet connectivity.

Use Netsh Winsock Reset Command to Reset Network Adapter Settings

Follow the steps given below to reset your network adapter settings and catalogs using the netsh winsock reset command:

Note: This command will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 for both LAN and Wi-Fi network adapters.

I have used Windows 10 for the steps listed below:

Step 1. Navigate to the Windows search box from the bottom left and type cmd.

You will see the Windows search result as Command Prompt, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

netsh winsock reset catalogStep 2. A Windows command prompt will open on your screen with administrator privileges. Type or copy the following command into the command prompt and hit Enter from your keyboard.

netsh winsock reset

Caution: if you are connected to a WiFi router to get an internet connection, you will be disconnected and need a WiFi password (WEP key) in order to connect it back.

[Read: Find Saved WiFi Password in Windows]

netsh winsock reset command

As a result, you will see a message “Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog. You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset”.

Finally, you just need to restart your Windows computer in order to complete the command.

Once your Windows is booted properly, you can see it that it shows you are connected (if you are using a WiFi router, reconnect using a wifi password) and the internet is working for sure.

Hope this article fulfills your expectations. Type your comments below for any suggestions or feedback.

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