Lock or Unlock Taskbar in Windows 10 – 3 Different Tricks

Lock or Unlock Taskbar

How to lock or unlock taskbar in Windows 10? You might have this question in your mind.

Probably this means, your Windows 10 taskbar got unlocked somehow and you want to lock it so it won’t move anywhere.

No worries, your issue will be resolved shortly. By the end of this article, you will know 3 different ways to get this task done in your Windows 10.

First of all, let us tell you the importance of taskbar because taskbar has a major toolbar of Windows.

Windows Taskbar is a special application on the desktop of every Windows operating system. The Windows taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen by default.

As you can see, the Windows Start Menu is located to its left, following with pined or open application in it. Also, on the right side, the notification area, date and time, favorite apps should be there.

Before we start and explain how to lock or unlock the Windows 10 taskbar, check the image below that shows how a Windows 10 taskbar looks:

lock or unlock taskbar

Know How to Change Taskbar Location in Windows?

Lock or Unlock Taskbar in Windows 10

In this article, we will show you the best three (3) options or ways to lock or unlock the Windows 10 taskbar.

You have a choice that you want to move it to the left, right or at the top of your screen by unlocking the taskbar else you can lock it.

Option 1: By using Windows Taskbar

Option 2: From the Windows 10 Settings app

Option 3: Using Windows Registry

Option 1

Lock or Unlock Using Windows 10 Taskbar

Navigate to and move your mouse cursor to the taskbar, then right-click on the taskbar to get options.

  1. Choose Lock the taskbar if you have a single display
  2. Select Lock all taskbars if you have connected multiple displays

lock or unlock taskbar from taskbar settings

Option 2

Lock or Unlock Using Windows 10 Settings App

While holding the Win key, press I (like Win + I) to get the Windows 10 Settings App. Navigate to and click on Personalization.

Click Taskbar listed in the left pane. Use the toggle button to lock the Windows 10 taskbar or disable it.

taskbar settings in Windows 10

Option 3

Lock or Unlock Windows 10 Taskbar from Registry

Another way is by doing it with Windows registry.

Open the Run dialog box with Win + R and type, regedit then, hit OK button to open Windows Registry Editor.

Follow the path given below:

It’s better to back up your registry before we modify or make any changes to it.


Locate DWORD TaskbarSizeMove and double-click on it to open it. Finally, enter the required registry value as shown below:

0 = Lock taskbar

1 = Unlock taskbar

lock or unlock taskbar by registryHow to Lock or Unlock Windows Taskbar in Windows 10? Share on X

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