Open Device Manager in Windows with 5 Different Ways

Device Manager Windows

We really know that you are looking for different tricks or ways to open device manager of Windows. Before we let you know the process to do that, first of all, let us explain you bit about device manager.

It is a very well know service of a Windows OS. Sometimes, our Windows gets into the problem, due to we need to access Windows device manager to initiate the troubleshooting process.

What is Device Manager in Windows?

In simple words, Device Manager is a part of Windows services, located in the Control Panel of the Windows operating system, which is designed and developed by Microsoft.

It is also known as an extension of Microsoft Management console.

It provides the organized view and description of connected hardware devices of the machine such as Keyboard, Mouse, USB devices, Hard Disk Drives, Sound Card, Display Card, Bluetooth, etc.

Device Manager will let you know the connected hardware devices and their respective information in a manner.

open device managerMore About Device Manager

First time, Device Manager is introduced in Windows 95. Now it is available in every version including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Every device shown in the device manager contains connected device information such as General information, Driver details, Device details and related events of the device.

Note: In this post, different ways shown to open or access Windows Device Manager and will work on Windows XP and later operating systems. The steps given below have been done on Windows 10.

Open Device Manager with 5 Different Ways

Hence, find out easy five (5) different ways or tricks to launch, access or open device manager in Windows:

Access Device Manager by using:

Windows Start Menu

Run Command

Control Panel

Administrative Tools

Windows File Explorer

Way 1. Access it from Window Start Menu

Click Windows Start Menu from the left bottom of your screen and when it appears, type, device manager in the search box.

Now, from the given result, click device manager and it will open it for you. Check below image:

access device manager from start menu

Way 2. Launch Device Manager via Run Command

Press Win + R to open Run dialog box and type devmgmt.msc and click OK button and as a result, device manager will be on your screen within a few seconds.

device manager command

Way 3. Open Device Manager from Control Panel

Launch Run dialog box by using Win + R keyboard combination and type, control then, hit OK button.

Select option View by: to Large icons from the right-top of the screen.

Now icons have been changed from Category to Large icons. Navigate and click on Device Manager to open it. Check the reference image:

launch device manager from control panel

Way 4. Get to Device Manager from Administrative Tools

Launch the Run dialog box and type, control admintools then, hit OK. An administrative Tools window will open with certain Windows tool shortcuts.

Click on Computer Management. As a result, this action will launch computer management console for you to another window. Expand System Tools and click Device Manager.

Way 5. Use Windows File Explorer to Launch Device Manager

Double click on My Computer or This PC icon on your desktop to open Windows file explorer.

Alternatively, press Win + E for launch file explorer. Type, devmgmt.msc on the file explorer’s address bar and hit Enter from your keyboard.

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