Find Windows 10 Product Key Using 3 Different Ways

Find Windows 10 Product Key

This is what a product key looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Now, surely, you will want to look at or find the Windows 10 product key of your machine.

Do you know how your Windows 10 got activated?

It depends on how you get a copy of your Windows 10. Either a digital license or a 25-character product key is required for activation. A Windows product key is a 25-character (alphanumeric) code used to activate the Windows operating system.

Microsoft introduced the Digital License in 2016 with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607)

Your Windows 10 may have been activated with an OEM key, wherein OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer or with a Retail activation key.

Windows OEM key is sent to a specific machine and cannot be transferred to another machine or computer.

The Retail key is a key that can be purchased directly from Microsoft, Amazon, etc. and these can be transferred to other machines.

How to Locate Windows Product Key?

Though there are several third-party tools available online to find out the Windows 10 product key, however trusting those tools is quite hard sometimes.

So, the best way to check the Windows 10 product key is to do it within Windows itself.


Yes, here we are going to explain 3 different methods by which you can easily see Windows 10 product key:

Method 1. Windows Command Prompt (Admin)

First, launch the Windows 10 command prompt with administrator rights.

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Once the command prompt is open, use the following command and hit Enter from the keyboard to get the command executed and within a quick moment, you will see the product key.

Check out the image below for reference:

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

find windows 10 product key with command prompt

Method 2. Windows PowerShell

Another option to find the Windows 10 product key is to do it on the Windows PowerShell utility. Here is how:

Open Windows PowerShell (Admin or without Admin, really doesn’t matter).

To do so, Right-click on Windows Start Menu or press Win + X to get the option list and select PowerShell from it.

Then, enter the command below and hit Enter from your keyboard. Sure, you will see the product key within a few seconds:

powershell “(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey”

find windows 10 product key with powershell

Method 3. Using VBS Script

Finally, the last and easiest way to get the Windows 10 product key is by using a small VBS script. For your convenience, you can download it from below link:

Download predefined Windows 10 product key finder VBS script

How do you use this VBS script?

  • Extract the downloaded file and locate the script file named Windows10ProductkeyFinder.
  • Just double click on it and as a result, you will see the Windows 10 product key along with the product name and ID
  • Hence, if you want to save the file. Click Yes and it will create a text file for your desktop with the name WindowsKeyInfo for future reference

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