How to Create Image Backup of Windows 10?

Windows Image Backup

What is an image backup of Windows? How to create image backup? You might have this question in your mind and what does image backup means?

Windows image backup is a kind of utility wherein you can backup entire installation of Windows 10, Settings, Applications, and all of your files including system drivers, etc. So, when your PC gets into the major problem, therefore, you can easily restore/backup your computer.

This will be a good idea if you create an Image backup of your Windows 10. Reason behind, several times we stuck into the problem wherein Windows 10 won’t boot or start misbehaving while using it. You may afraid of losing your important files, pictures, images & videos, etc. That time, we don’t understand that what to do next? Then, we think of or wish that we could have an image backup of this so we can restore everything back easily. Hence, i will show you the steps in Windows 10 to create image backup of Windows.

Create Image Backup of Windows 10 First Time

Step 1. Press “Win + S” to open Windows 10 Search and type, “file history” to get the result “Restore your files with File History”. Then click on it to open. Create Windows Image Backup Click To Tweet

file history

Step 2. File History Window is on your screen. If you are doing this first time, then, File History should be turned off. Click on “Configure File History settings” to open the Wizard.

Step 3. At the left bottom of the screen, click on “System Image Backup” and it will open another screen.

Step 4. In the left pane, click on “Create a system image”.

create image backup

Step 5. Create a system image utility will open on your screen wherein it asks you, where do you want to save the backup? On a hard disk, On one or more DVDs or On a network location. Need to pick one of the location to save Windows Image Backup and click Next button.

create windows image backup

Step 6. On the next screen, drives are selected to backed up (already drives are checked). Click on Next button to continue.

Windows 10 image backup

Step 7. This is the last screen where you need to confirm your backup settings. Check everything properly and click on “Start backup”. It will start processing and may take a few hours of time to backup an image of your system.

take image backup of Windows 10

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